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After months of preparation the day finally arrived where Sham and Orva were to be engaged, yippie.

The theme of the proposal was a gallery of happiness. Orva loves Art and as such enjoys visiting galleries and exhibitions regularly, so it wasn’t a shock that a gallery was the destination of the day.

We worked with Sham to create 10 canvases. Each canvas had something on it that Sham knew was important to Orva and made her happy – from penguins and Phantom of the Opera tickets, to New York and cupcakes. Here at The Proposers HQ, we know how important it is to make proposals personal so this was a great way of showing Orva how much Sham cared.

Proposal Planner Daisy with the happy couple.

And this is what happened!

The scene was set at Orleans House Gallery in Richmond. It’s such a stunning building within woodland and overlooking the Thames. It was built in 1721 for Queen Caroline and if good enough for a Queen then it’s perfect for Orva.

2012-09-22 11.38.05-1Orva loves art, (she even draws herself!), so we knew we had to incorporate an arty theme into the proposal! What better way to do this than to have canvas’ with images that meant something to the couple; their favourite holiday, her favourite things, and memories they have shared together etc.

So, how did we make this proposal idea perfect for Orva and Sham? As you know, we believe every proposal should be personalised, so here’s what we did:

Firstly, Sham’s nickname for Orva is “Cups,” so we decorated the venue with vintage tea cups full of her favourite flowers; roses.

2012-09-22 10.37.50-1We then set up each of the canvases on stands around the room. When the couple arrived Sham led Orva one by one to each of the canvases in the room so that she could see the individual photographs:

2012-09-22 11.17.47-1



art5For the final canvas we had actually used one of Orva’s own designs, which we “borrowed” from her Pinterest page. We wrote “Will you marry me” over the top of the design of a gorgeous painted heart.

artOrva was shocked when she saw the painting, and even more so when Sham then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! She of course said YES! art9Luckily we had hired a photographer to be on hand to capture the magic moment! art10

So, what did the man himself say about using The Proposals to help with his proposal?

“The proposal went like a dream, the venue was beautiful and the setup was perfect. I wanted the day to be both memorable and unique which is exactly how it was so it couldn’t have gone any better! Daisy and Tiffany were simply amazing throughout and I enjoyed working with them to come up with such a personal proposal.”

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