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What if my partner hates the idea of me using a proposal planner? Shouldn’t a proposal be personal and something I’ve come up with by myself?

Planning your proposal through us doesn't mean you get to kick back and relax. Hell, we're not just going to let you get away with murder. We want to know all about the love of your life - likes, dislikes, fave times…everything! Which is why, when it comes to creating the perfect proposal for the two of you, it will be something that you have helped create. Let's just say we are here to be your 'little helpers' - we'll give you a nudge when you need a push and deal with all the boring bits like booking restaurants, making decorations and taking photos.

What if I don’t want anyone to know I used you guys to help me plan a proposal?

No worries. Zzzzzzip! Our mouths are sealed. If you'd rather just bask in the glory of a genius proposal then that's fine by us. No one has to know that we even exist (unless you win the lottery and then we wouldn't turn down a Mercedes or a trip to the Maldives).

There are so many ideas on Google, so why hire The Proposers?

Our proposal service is completely unique and personalised to your relationship. We spend time getting to know you and your relationship before we supply you with tailored ideas. The worst thing you can do is take an idea from Google that thousands of others before you have used!

I have a general idea of how I want to propose but not sure what to do next!?

That's fine. We'll help in making this idea a reality. We can spend the time searching and negotiating for the best price on venue hire, restaurant bookings, flights & hotels, day trips, props etc. We can even come with you to help buy the ring, we know how much pressure this job is and we know a lot about diamonds!

What kind of budget do I need?

It's up to you. We can help anyone no matter what the budget, whether it's something truly lavish and extravagant or simple and elegant, with a little creativity we can meet any budget.

What if my partner says no?

You'll never know if you don't try. But if it helps, we've got a 100% success rate.

Some key proposal facts

  • Fact 1: 75% of women are disappointed with their marriage proposal story.
  • Fact 2: The first thing everyone asks when you’re engaged – “How did he propose?”
  • Fact 3: 26% of women wanted to be serenaded whilst being proposed to.
  • Fact 4: More than 75% of women agree that the “surprise factor” is important in a marriage proposal.
  • Fact 5: The Proposers are proud to have a 100% marriage proposal success rate!

Proposal Do’s

Do make the proposal a story that will be remembered forever by capturing every moment on film. Your partner probably won’t remember half the amazing words you say, so if it’s on film, it’s only a click away (it would also be a nice idea to incorporate the film or stills into your wedding day/video).

Do make sure you ask her/his Dad for permission. You don’t want to start your future with upset parent in-laws.

Do contact us for a free guide on how to pick the perfect ring – this doesn’t just include pictures of different styles, it gives an in depth, easy to read review of picking the best clarity diamonds that will be a great investment for your future. We can even help design your very own engagement and wedding rings, and we’ve already negotiated a discount with

Do remember we’re a 24/7 concierge service – sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you plan, something might go wrong and we can be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. Saying those 4 words are stressful enough!

Proposal Don’ts

Don’t go cheap on a proposal, the budget shouldn’t just be for the ring, the most important part is getting a yes, so make it special.

Don’t use generic ideas from the internet, these are not special or unique in any way.

Don’t base your proposal on your likes, it’s all about your loved one’s likes.

Don’t wait until the last minute, sure it can be done (we’ve done it) but we wouldn’t recommend it. You only get one chance to do this and your partners worth the effort, so take your time. A ring can be upgraded, a story can’t.

Don't make the same mistake as these guys...

Basketball proposal gone wrong

Another public display of affection. There’s nothing wrong with showing the world how you feel, just make sure your partner feels the same way!

Food court proposal gone wrong

Hardly surprising, a busy food court surrounded by random people eating lunch isn’t the most romantic of settings.

Benefits of using The Proposers

+We can save time

You could spend hours and hours on Google trying to find unique ways to propose which thousands of people have already done, OR you could speak to us about your thoughts and ideas. We’re well experienced in taking your thoughts and creating your dream proposal.

+We can save you money

We know all the best places to buy props and we’re great negotiators. If there’s a discount to be made then we’ll get it. In fact we’ve already negotiated discounted rates at lots of amazing proposal venues.

+We can take the pressure off you

We all know how stressful proposing can be. But we’ll take that stress away and make sure you have fun planning your proposal.

+We can help capture the special moment

We have a team of professional proposal cameraman and videographers who are well experienced in capturing that moment of a lifetime.

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