Horse Riding Proposal


Fredrik and Elin travelled all the way from Germany to London for a special surprise away in the countryside as Elin is a massive fan of horses and the great outdoors!

We thought, where better than to take Elin to ‘The Garden of England, Kent’…

We organised Fredrik and Elin a normal horse riding ‘hack’ (private horse riding lesson). After they arrived at the stables and got changed, they began their journey!

Elin had no idea what was awaiting her… Half way through their journey she noticed personalised wooden signs hanging from trees and gates…

The final one that they came across said…

They then approached a beautiful picnic, overlooking the breath-taking countryside.

Fredrik told Elin to look our at the amazing view and when she did it gave him a chance to get down on one knee…

Of course she said yes! How could she not have with that beautiful proposal!

Look at that stunning ring from Purely Diamonds!

The happy couple, then celebrated their engagement with a glass of Champagne and lovely traditional picnic nibbles.

And.. it goes without saying Fredrik definitely wasn’t a professional horse rider… Fredrik its the other way!!

After their romantic picnic, they rode back to the stables, to be greeted by a private Mercedes S Class which took them to the Shangri-la Restaurant, The Shard. Where they enjoyed a celebratory dinner overlooking the beautiful iconic London views.

Meanwhile, we were decorating their room romantically in The Shangri-la, for the couple to enjoy the rest of their evening!

Congratulations to Fredrik and Elin we wish you the happiest future!

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Proposing in Monet’s Garden


Denis wanted to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, Celina and asked us for help. Celina loves art, and Monet in particular so Denis wanted to propose to her in a location that reflected this; the Japanese Bridge in Monet’s Garden, just outside of Paris.

Monet's Garden

We exclusively hired the gardens before the public were allowed entry, for Denis and Celina, so that he could pop the question in private!

We hired a secret undercover photographer to take photos of the couple as Denis proposed. Take a look below to see what happened!

After leading Celina through the beautiful gardens of the Monet Foundation, Denis lead her onto the bridge where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him...

After leading Celina through the beautiful gardens of the Monet Foundation, Denis lead her onto the bridge where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him…

... and SHE SAID YES!

... and SHE SAID YES!

Congratulations Denis and Celina!

Marriage proposal in Monet's Garden

This is seriously adorable!

Congratulations to such a lovely couple! We wish them a wonderful life together!

Congratulations to the lovely couple, we wish them the happiest future together!

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A massive thank you to Stephanie at Bulles De Joie Photography for taking these beautiful photos.

Cinderella themed marriage proposal in Tower Bridge


A dream is a wish your heart makes, and for Chetna her dream came true when her Prince Charming asked us to help him plan a real-life Cinderella proposal for his Disney loving girlfriend.


Like every good fairy-tale, the marriage proposal needed to be set in a castle. (Ok, so this proposal wasn’t exactly in a castle, but it did take place in somewhere equally as beautiful and iconic!)Marriage proposal in Tower BridgeSahib, (Prince Charming), told Chetna that they were going for a private tour of Tower Bridge, she could never have imagined what he really had in store.Cinderella themed marriage proposal Once at Tower Bridge Sahib was taken up to the walkways separately from Chetna. When she reached the walkways to meet him she was shocked by what she really found!Cinderella themed marriage proposalThe walkway of the bridge had an aisle runner that had been personalised with memories from the couple’s relationship running along it.personalised aisle runner in Cinderella style After taking in each memory Chetna reached a circle made from rose petals at the end of the runner. Once here she spotted a beautiful carriage filled with her favourite flowers. Sitting on the flowers there was a stunning heart shaped diamond ring, fit for a Princess. heart shaped diamond ring on a bed of rosesThat’s when Sahib came out from where he was hiding, picked up the ring and got down on one knee to ask Chetna to marry him…man down on one knee in the walkways of Tower Bridge … and SHE SAID YES! Cinderella Marriage ProposalThe couple were thrilled with the proposal, and so were their parents who watched the whole thing- live from India! couple looking into phone However, the surprises didn’t stop there! The couple were then whisked away for a romantic dinner in their very own horse and carriage!
Cinderella Marriage ProposalAnd no fairytale would be complete without that timeless ending! and they lived happily ever after

The End

Check out their full proposal video here!

Congratulations to Sahib and Chetna. It was an absolute pleasure to plan their Disney themed proposal.

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Proposing in a French Chateau


We absolutely love a bit of Paris and romance!

Or as they say over there L’amour

We were very excited when Matthew asked for our help, but over the moon when he told us that he wanted to propose at one of our favourite venues… Château Vaux le Vicompte!

This stunning baroque-era castle and symmetrical gardens swept Europe during the 17th century, its historic architecture is so beautiful!

Carved from 100 acres of woodlands and creating a stunning setting, the lovely couple spent the afternoon enjoying the breathtaking gardens, as well as the buildings and Château.

Early in the evening, Matthew and Nadya enjoyed a  delicious French meal, overlooking the astonishing gardens.

Later on, the couple enjoyed exclusive, private tour of the Château! It was the perfect excuse to take Nadya towards the surprise proposal spot…

On their tour, her attention was drawn too a mysterious pathway of  twinkling candles and over 5 thousand rose petals. Full of curiosity, she followed the trail…

She was in complete surprise when she arrived and saw a transformed room with beautiful romantic decoration and a wooden box projecting “Nadya I <3 You Marry Me”!!

When she turned around, Matthew was down on one knee was popped the all important question…

Through a swirl of emotions and happiness, SHE SAID YES!!!

Congratulations! We wish them all the happiness in their future lives together!

The happy couple then enjoyed an exclusive engagement photo shoot around the Château and baroque-era rooms.

For the perfect ending, they watched an incredible fireworks display with a 360º view around the estate from the highest point of the Château.

This was definitely the perfect proposal for such a lovely couple.

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Proposing at the iconic St Pauls Cathedral


After travelling 3,946 miles all the way from Chicago, United States, Adam came to us to plan his proposal.

He wanted his proposal to be in The Whispering Gallery in St Pauls Cathedral because it has so much history and is super romantic!

St Pauls Cathedral has been in the centre of London for more than 1,400 years at the cities highest point, being the 4th cathedral that has been built by Sir Christopher Wren.

The Whispering Gallery is a circular walkway halfway up the inside of the dome. From the acoustics of the curved surface, if you whisper against one wall, it will be able to be heard on the other wall 112 feet away.

It is definitely a romantic place for a proposal!

After climbing 259 extremely steep stairs (and Stacy wearing killer heels), the couple arrived at The Whispering Gallery. One of our planners was awaiting their arrival with a stunning bouquet of two dozen red roses and a sign reading ‘The love in me, salutes the love in you. Marry Me Stacy’.

She was completely speechless!

Adam got down on one knee and popped the all important question…

Even though she was completely lost for words, she excitedly gave Adam the answer he wanted to hear… YES!!

They headed back down that long staircase to the front of St Pauls Cathedral where the crowds were cheering and congratulating them both!

We booked the couple an exclusive luxury car to take them to their dinner reservation at TING in The Shangri-La Hotel, The Shard.

Meanwhile, our planners were busy decorating their suite in the ME Hotel!

 How romantic!

The couple loved their proposal so much… THAT WE’RE NOW PLANNING THEIR WEDDING THIS AUGUST (with 3 months to plan)! We are so excited and happy for Adam and Stacy!

If you have been inspired by this beautiful proposal, get in touch at We’ve planned over 1,000 magical proposals all around the world and we would love to help you to create a personalised proposal!

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