12 Essentials to Proposing this Christmas!

Published on 13th December '17
12 Essentials to Proposing this Christmas!

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers

As Christmas is only 12 days around the corner our Proposal Planner experts have put together their 12 Essentials to 'popping the question' this Christmas, to help those wishing to make their partners Christmas wish come true and 'put a ring on it'.

1.The Ring

Believe us when we say that the ring forms one of the most important elements of your proposal. Without it, the magic moment could be a little lacklustre. It’s a lasting symbol of your love and should be chosen carefully, so consider your partner’s taste and preferences before making a purchase. However, when 'popping the question' in the modern day society, it is becoming more and more popular to propose with an 'eternity ring'. This is a ring which shows a symbol of love and forever, therefore many 'grooms-to-be' purchase this type of ring knowing their partner would like to pick the actual engagement ring! If you’re stuck on choosing the perfect ring, don’t fear, there’s help on hand. Agent Engagement! Rowena is a secret and FREE engagement ring sourcing service! Over the years she has built up her connections with the worlds best jewellers to help you source the perfect ring.

2. The Words

This is worth thinking about, trust us. It’s a general assumption that you’ll get down on one knee and the moment will be so incredibly spectacular that somehow you will suddenly know all the words to Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare without any prior rehearsal. Unfortunately, on most occasions, it doesn’t quite transpire this way. The reality is that you’re nervous, this is the love of your life and this could be the most important in your life to date! So have a little think about what you might want to say. It’s Christmas, a time for thanksgiving and appreciation, so try to think of all things that you are grateful for in your relationship and let the ball roll from there.

3. The Location

If somewhere means something to you then it automatically becomes special. Ultimately, we think that the location can be decided by two key things; meaningfulness and wow factor. It’s fine to opt for something less meaningful if it’s got the wow factor and it’s alright to sacrifice the wow factor if somewhere is particularly special for you both. A glamorous rooftop location, just as the sun is setting and the Christmas lights start glowing, could make a stunning back drop to your proposal. Equally, a completely transformed private dining room dripping in Christmas decorations is also deeply meaningful!

4. The Music

This season has the ultimate love song playlist. Whether you’re a traditional carols fan or a lover of all things Mariah Carey and Michael Buble, the lyrics are all about coming together and, nine times out of ten, about love. Hiring a private musician to play a selection of your partner’s favourite festive hits will add a personal twist to the background music.

5. The Photographer

You’ve just spent weeks working to make your proposal happen; you’re going to want something to remember it by that isn't just the unforgettable memory. Christmas can be a tricky time for photos, dark evenings and cold weather could mean that your selfie game might not quite do the trick, so hiring a professional photographer will ensure that your magical moment is captured from all the right angles. Professional photos will ensure that you have memories of your special day forever, so we consider them a must if you’ve planned something spectacular. In the modern day society of proposing, everyone wants those professional shots to post amongst all their Facebook friends and social media followers to share the exciting news!

6. The Videographer

If your proposal contains a lot of action, such as festive reindeer, carol singers or an ice skating elf (whatever happens to float your seasonal boat) or even if you go down a more mellow route by 'popping the question' amongst thousands of rose petals, a Christmas tree, twinkling candles with amazing views, then a video is the perfect way to make sure that every second is caught on camera. Once again, it makes for a wonderful keepsake and it could even be shown at your wedding as entertainment for your guests!

7. The Privacy

Think about what sort of person your partner is and where they would prefer their proposal! If your partner prefers the personal touch, then make sure your proposal reflects that and is extremely intimate and romantic. Likewise, if your partner loves the spotlight and being in the limelight, then make sure that all of the attention is on them whilst you 'pop the question'.

8. The Surprise

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a surprise. No, really, it’s true. It shows consideration, thoughtfulness, and that you’re willing to commit time and energy to your relationship without a prompt from anyone else. Big or small, a surprise will always be regarded highly by your partner.

9. The Decoration

Christmas is the perfect season for decorations. Sparkles? Yep. Snow? Tick. Santa Claus? Absolutely. Nothing is out of bounds at Christmas, so if your partner has a love for all things shiny, it could be the ideal time of year to pop the question. There’s plenty of room to get personal when it comes to your decor, imagine personalised baubles or snow globes with your photos inside or hand pipped cookies, and a range of opportunities in terms of lighting options. The sun sets earlier in winter months, so get ready for thousands of fairy lights and candles to make the scene even more magical.

10. The Drink

You’re going to want to celebrate! A glass of Champagne, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, is the perfect way to toast to your engagement. Splash out, you’re only going to have this moment once, and treat yourself to a bottle of something special.

11. The Family

No one will know you and your partner better than your family, and the festive season is all about spending time with the ones that you love. Including your family in your proposal could be a great way to have a seasonal get together and to celebrate your engagement all at once! It's also the icing on the cake to be surprised one final time but all of your loved ones.

12. The Help

There is so much more to your perfect marriage proposal and if it already sounds stressful then it is going to get even crazier closer to the date! So how about saving the pressure and hiring a professional Marriage Proposal Planner to take the stress off your shoulders for the biggest day of your life (to date)! So, if you’re looking to pop the question this Christmas, get in touch today, we will be more than happy to help. Don't forget that we have a 100% success rate, so you're in safe hands with us!

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