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5 DIY Valentines ideas (it’s not too late!)

13th February '13

Here at Proposer HQ, we don’t believe in generic romantic gestures. After all, any one can google “romantic ideas” and romance should mean more than that. Which is why we have put together some easy DIY ideas and then added a bit of Proposers sparkle. Remember if you are going to be romantic, then make sure you do something personalised and tailored to your other half.

Generic idea: Wrapping up a present bought in a shop
The Proposers sparkle: Why not customise your wrapping paper. Get a sheet of brown paper and write love notes on it. Then, wrap your gift up inside. Nothing could be more romantic!

Generic idea: Buying her some champagne

The Proposers Sparkle: add a bit of effort! Get rose puds and freeze then in ice cube trays to create something really gorgeous

Generic Idea: Write a love poem

The Proposers Sparkle: If you are one of the couples who hand love heart sweets to each other when you’re feeling sopping then recreate a love note using love hearts.

Generic idea: Framing a photo
The Proposers Sparkle: Create your own piece of art by making a heart shape out of your finger prints. Gorgeous and romantic.


And remember, if you are thinking of proposing, need a proposal idea or you just want to create an out of this world date idea then get in touch with The Proposers. We can help you no matter what your budget.

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