6 signs he is about to propose!!

3rd January '13

We certainly know one or two things when it comes to proposals. Where we have worked alongside numerous grooms to be, we have become accustomed to knowing those proposal signs. So, here’s how to know if he’s going to propose…..it’s this simple.

1. He is saving money for the future. Suddenly he’s talking about the expense of private schools, applying for life insurance and saving some money “just in case.” That “just in case” by the way, is your wedding.

2. Many of your conversations have been about the future , and both of you are in it. Suddenly he’s talking about a dream holiday you should both take in a few years time, or is chatting about where you should both live when you are old and grey.

3. He’s started to critique the weddings you go to together — yup, he has an opinion on flowers, bridesmaids dresses and whether the Groom’s speech was too long

4. He’s suddenly more than willing to take part in events involving your family. Those Sunday lunches at the parents are fast becoming something he no longer whinges about

5. He’s been talking to your married best friend more often. This is a sure fire sign he’s going to propose. Suddenly he wants to be one of the gang, and is seeking as much advice as possible!

6. He takes an interest in your jewellery. “Do you like diamonds or sapphires?” “Do you think *her engagement ring is nice?” “ooh, i like that ring…do you?” Yup, he’s scoping it out. The engagement ring in on the horizon!!!

So, if you think your man is going to propose soon then why not send him one of our hint hints to get him on the right path. Or, if you think he may need a hand with an amazing proposal idea, then we are the girls who can help. Get him to contact The Proposers.


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