6 winter proposal ideas by The Proposers

24th December '13

The Proposers have devised the best seven winter proposal ideas that will warm up your cockles and get you the answer you want a hot and steamy YES!


The Proposers can create your own ski chalet outdoors


Winter Proposal idea: Write your proposal in Snow

Proposer it up: Why not set up an entire winter wonderland for her? Behind the snow writing, set up a table with mulled wine and wine glasses. Each glass is engraved with promises you want to make to her such as “I promise to take care of your forever.” This then means you can have the wine glasses forever and every time you go to have a drink in the years to come, you will remember your proposal.


propose to her with her own Winter Wonderland picnic. This is how The Proposers would do it...

propose to her with her own Winter Wonderland picnic. This is how The Proposers would do it…

Winter Proposal idea: Propose in her own Winter Wonderland
Proposer it up: Rather than just proposing at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (afterall, there are SO many people there!) why not let The Proposers arrange a gorgeous inside Winter Wonderland in a stunning hotel room. We would decorate the entire venue with fur rugs, candles, a wintery backdrop just like the photo above. gorgeous

Tea lights

The Proposers will transform a tea light proposal into a fairytale wonderland

Winter Proposal idea: Write your proposal in Fairy Lights

Proposer it up: These tea lights could be placed anywhere that’s dark but how about having these set up outside (providing there is no wind!) in the dark woods and you can enjoy huddling around a warm fire as you ask her to be your wife. Spend the evening in a cosy tent with a Michelin starred dinner served to you. Your whole night will then light up after she says yes

My swans

The Proposers will turn your winter walk proposal idea into something even more special

Winter Proposal idea: A winter garden proposal
Proposer it up: To add something truly magnificent to your winter garden walk, swans are the way to go. Lead her down the icy lake where the swans will glide gracefully around you both we can find the perfect spot where you can glide down on one knee offering your hand in marriage as she admires the pretty scene around her.

Winter rose

The Proposers can add an extra bit of oomph to your rose themed proposal

Winter Proposal idea:Roses are red proposal
Proposer it up: Every girl loves to receive a dozen red roses but make this extra unique by taking her on a horse drawn carriage through, for example, Richmond Park, during a crispy, icy morning. The red roses you will give to your girlfriend will be super icy and with a special ring placed in the centre ready for you to pop the question. We can even get words or photos printed on the rose petals! Seriously. What could be more romantic than that?

Fireplace&Hot Tub

The Proposers can make an average fireplace proposal even better!

Winter Proposal idea:Fireplace proposal
Proposer it up: Baby, its cold outside, so settle in snuggling up by a burning fire. To really sizzle up this proposal, we can arrange for a hot tub in near proximity to this roaring fire. Its sure to get your partners temperature rising! The ring will need to be positioned somewhere strategically but thats the beauty of The Proposers – no task is difficult when a girl is proposed to!

If you would like The Proposers to make a winter themed proposal such as these above, then get in touch. It will turn a cold day into a warm-hearted, joyous occasion as you celebrate your spending your lives together.

Written by Alexandra Charalambous

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