Dancing and Singing Flash mobPopular marriage proposal idea

Do you want a proposal that will completely surprise your other half? What about if you join in on a dancing flash mob? We work with top dancers, singers and actors from all over the world, who can create an amazing routine that you can then be a part of (if you want). It’s the latest proposal trend, and it pretty much guarantees a “yes”.

-Details of idea

This proposal includes:

  • You choose whether you want to participate from the crowd or the stage
  • You choose the location and music or we can do this for you
  • We employ professional choreographer to teach routine to dancers
  • Includes 6 dancers but we can hire more
  • The duration of the performance lasts as long as the song, usually 4 minutes
  • Optional extras of personal rehearsals, sound systems, personalised Will you marry me signs, confetti etc

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