A Perfectly Geeky Proposal

Published on 18th August '15
A Perfectly Geeky Proposal
Geek is chic. There has never been a better time to be a bit geeky, and if you fall into that category, or if there's a lovely geek in your life who you want to propose to, why not incorporate some nerdiness into the event? There are many ways to make a huge, geeky romantic gesture that is sure to be spectacular. Whether it's for a bookworm, or using your own geek skills to make an incredible and impressive high tech proposal, here are some tips on how to pop the question with some nerdy inspiration!  

Using an app

Source: mirror.co.uk Source: mirror.co.uk Yes, most of us are incredibly reliant on smartphones and apps, but have you ever considered using them for a wonderfully romantic engagement? A great example of this is this completely original proposal in which a running enthusiast used an app that tracks running routes and distance to spell out WILL YOU MARRY ME. He then posted the screenshots online for his unsuspecting girlfriend to see! Not only was this an amazing idea, but he actually had to run several miles in one day to make this possible.... if that's not love then we don't know what is! We're tired just writing about it...  

A proposal perfect for a bookworm

2014-12-12-09.23.32-1 Book lovers are very likely to be romantic! They're probably inspired by Cathy and Heathcliffe, Romeo and Juliet, Ron and Hermione... So why not use this to make your proposal to them extra special? We organised a proposal in which the beautiful engagement ring was hidden in a book! Obviously the unsuspecting bookworm had no idea what to expect, and this lovely way of proposing is low-key yet incredibly intimate, personal and romantic.  

Using their passion

If your partner's career is their passion, why not incorporate that into your proposal? There's nothing more romantic than showing that you care about what they care about! Here, a marine biologist's girlfriend proposed to her underwater, taking her academic passion and making that into an incredibly emotional and lovely engagement that she was definitely not expecting.  

Getting hi-tech

Another good thing about being a geek is having the creativity to think of and execute amazingly hi-tech proposals that are certainly worth talking about! If you think your partner would love a huge declaration of love on a big scale, take some inspiration from this incredible proposal... This guy organised the lights in this building to turn on and off to spell out Will You Marry Me? She was blown away, and we would be too with a such a well organised proposal!   If there's a lovely geek in your life or you're a bit of a nerd yourself, get in touch with us at info@theproposers.co.uk and we can create a stunning bespoke proposal unique to you and your partner! We've organised over 600 proposals and we've never had a NO, so you know you'll be in good hands with us.