A Purrrrrfect Proposal!

Published on 2nd February '15
A Purrrrrfect Proposal!

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers

Andreas came to us with just FOUR days to plan an amazing proposal

After finding out she was a huge cat lover we got to work...

...which is when we came across the only Cat Cafe in the world!!

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Only in Shoreditch... Only in Shoreditch...

They opened up especially for us to create the perfect magical cat proposal...

Every cat lovers dream Every cat lovers dream!!

It was Andreas' dream to propose with cats serving him tea..

Now even we couldn't get a cat to serve cake...but we could dress them up as waiters!

Cat BowTies! Cat BowTies!

When Anastasia arrived she was in her element having tea surrounded by cats dressed as waiters

We had music especially made for the proposal and hired an amazing famous West End singer to serenade her with...yes...you guessed it - the Cat Song!

It was at this point out came Donnie....our very own feline ring carrier

IMG_9480 copy

Donnie's arrival was Andreas' cue to get down on one knee....and of course she said yes!!

d Donnie's big moment!! How sweet! How sweet!

After the proposal our singer performed the Cat Song...

A very happy couple! A very happy couple!

Which the couple danced to surrounded by the cats!

What a Purrrrrrrrfect Proposal!!

If you're looking for something unique you know where to come! Email us at info@theproposers.co.uk for more information or ideas on how we can make your proposal super special!

A huge thank you to everyone at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium for helping us create this amazing proposal.

Andreas said 'Thank you sooo much for everything you did and pulling it off in time, you girls are amazing!!'

Our well deserved cat coffee after the proposal! Our well deserved cat coffee after the proposal! They say never work with animals or children... They say never work with animals or children... Our fabulous singer on the left! Our fabulous singer on the left!