A Singing Serenade Book Proposal

Published on 27th February '15
A Singing Serenade Book Proposal

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers

When Eduardo came to The Proposers he knew he wanted his proposal to be romantic and completely personalised to him and his beautiful girlfriend Maria...

...so we got to work planning the most perfect intimate and romantic proposal!

The couple left their hotel room at the Corinthian at dusk and made their way through London to the Horse Guards Parade which was completely empty at this time of night.

When they got there singers begun to serenade them with their favourite song...

...and we had created a book especially with Eduardo for Maria.

"A Beloved Smile" "A Beloved Smile" The Back Cover The Back Cover

As you can see in the above pictures the message to Maria was beautifully written in Portugese and part of it roughly translated as follows...

"The Beloved Smile carries the reader to unite a love story that survived several world wars. Maria, the main character, is at the moment he has waited for all his life. Will she be able to accept his differences and enter this endless journey? Being the most powerful smile in the world."

During the song one of the singers handed Maria the book...

Beautifully Wrapped! Beautifully Wrapped!

And guess what was inside when she opened it!!!!!!

Look at that ring! Look at that ring!

Which was Eduardo's cue to get down on one knee!!!

2014-12-13 18.04.59 The big moment (sorry guys we know you can't see it...flash wasn't working eek!) The happy couple!!! The happy couple!!!

If you want a proposal that is completely unique and personalised to you then get in touch with our proposal planners at info@theproposers.co.uk for any advice, ideas or help with your proposal!!!