A Surprise Paddington Station Busking Proposal

22nd September '15

Adam came to us for help with proposing to his girlfriend Keri, and he had a very special idea in mind… and we captured it all on video!

The couple are from Wales and love taking trips to other parts of the UK. When they travel together, they always get the train from Cardiff to London Paddington, and then go on to their final destination.

Paddington station is clearly a place full of very happy and special memories for them, and Adam really wanted to catch Keri off guard, so this seemed like the perfect place for a proposal!

Just a couple of normal buskers... or are they?

Just a couple of normal buskers… or are they?

When the big day arrived, Adam and Keri arrived at Paddington, and they went off as usual to find their connecting train. On the way, they spotted what seemed like two regular buskers playing one of Keri’s favourite songs, ‘Uptown Girl’, and they stopped to listen.

What Keri didn’t know, was that the talented singers are actually both from West End shows, and Stuart is the lead in Jersey Boys!

As they played, Adam told Keri that he was going to buy one of the albums that they had for sale and stepped forward to take one out of their guitar case. When he brought it back to show Keri, she saw that the album sleeve was a picture of the two of them!

The personalised CDs!

The personalised CDs!

She was so surprised!

She was so surprised!

She was so shocked, and she couldn’t believe it when the buskers turned around and their t-shirts read ‘Keri Marry Me?’

They continued to play as she looked at Adam in amazement, and he presented her with a beautiful ring! By this point, a huge crowd had gathered, and as she said yes and they kissed in celebration, the hundreds of people around all clapped!

Just a small part of the crowd that had gathered!

Just a small part of the crowd that had gathered!

Of course, the couple could celebrate their engagement with their trip away, and they rushed off to catch their train… what a unique and special proposal!

We’d like to give a huge thanks to the staff at Paddington Station who allowed to us to arrange this proposal, when they usually wouldn’t allow this kind of thing, and of course to our amazing singers.

Congratulations to the happy couple, we wish them all the best!!

The couple with our amazing singers!

The couple with our amazing singers!

Watch the proposal here:

If you enjoyed this proposal, get in touch with us at info@theproposers.co.uk for more information on what we do. We’re expert proposal and romantic events planners with over 600 proposals worth of experience, and a 100% Yes! Success rate. We’re sure to be able to organise an event perfect for you!

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