Proposing at Amberley Castle

Published on 26th September '18
Proposing at Amberley Castle

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Amberly Castle is English heritage at its best! Our team love to plan proposals here.

The areas create unique proposals which are truly pricelss. Amberly Castle is a

luxury hotel and restaurant steeped in over 900 years of history. On the doorstep

of the South Downs National Park, with its green rolling pastures, open spaces,

ancient woodlands and river valleys Amberley Castle may as well have been built

for proposals. 12 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens -roamed by an their very own,

all-white pet peacock, set the scene. The castle is still completely enclosed by a high

curtain wall, with the medieval stonework forming an impressive backdrop for a

bespoke proposal. When we set up this special proposal, it wasn't until twilight when our couple had

entered through the wooden door and the cellist begun to play...

Our happy couple wondered over to reflect back on all of their happy memories from their

relationship. After the proposal had taken place, the newly engaged couple went on celebrating with champagne

and an overnight stay in one of the castle’s 19 rooms.

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      ZiggySarah 20 1 The perfect romantic setting. ZiggySarah 91 1 The couples' favourite piece of music played. ZiggySarah 36 1 Personalised spaces created on the grounds.               ZiggySarah 3 1 A walk around the grounds to take it all in!