'Amelie' Themed Paris Proposal

Published on 29th May '13
Last week Daisy went to Paris to help create the most beautiful proposal scene. Whilst poor Tiffany was in hospital with appendicitis, Daisy's mum stepped-in to make sure the proposal was still a huge success. We can't talk much about what happened as it's going to be shown on our lovely new TV show in October, BUT we can share top-line details with you all. Have you ever heard of the French film Amelie? Well if you haven't, you should watch it. It's such a classic and it's hugely romantic, especially if you're going to Paris. images (1)

Our couple were visiting Paris on holiday from Singapore, so before they left we advised them to watch the film. And as we thought, they LOVED it. And that's the basis of the proposal.

Let's just say it involved the Notre Dame, lovers bridge, singers, lots of these, a gorgeous ring and a big YES. daisy Remember that scene in Amelie with the chalk arrows on the floor....we did something similar! If you are thinking of proposing, or just want some help coming up with some amazing proposal ideas, then get in touch with The Proposers - we are the experts after all!