A Sky-High Tower Proposal

17th August '15


We’re looking back at one of our most thrilling proposals which was recently featured on TV!

Daniel came to us for help proposing to his girlfriend Maddo, and we thought that since the couple had come to London all the way from Brazil, they should have a really special experience.

We organised something that would be sure to blow them away- a helicopter ride over central London! This would culminate in a huge sign reading ‘Will you Marry Me Maddo?’ on the maintenance deck of the huge 115 metres tall Orbital Tower by the Olympic park, seen only from the sky above.


To help us achieve this, we enlisted the help of Sky, who were filming their series ‘Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures’, which aimed to help people overcome their phobias by facing them head-on.

For the Vertigo episode, those on the program who had a severe fear of heights had to get up to the maintenance desk and place the sign… or else the proposal wouldn’t happen!!

Although they were extremely uneasy and scared when first presented with the task, the duty of helping Daniel propose to Maddo and playing such a crucial part of their special moment led to them rising to the challenge and being absolutely incredible in fighting through the fear!!

They were so amazing to get up to the deck and place the sign out perfectly… and they were so excited and happy when the moment of the proposal finally came.

Maddo was so shocked when what seemed like just a tour over the city turned out to be so much more as they approached the Orbital Tower and she saw the huge letters!!!


She of course said yes, and the two couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the ride… and all of the amazing people who helped us to make this possible couldn’t stop cheering either!

This was an incredible experience that we were so glad could make both a great proposal, and help lots of people overcome their fears.

Watch the whole video here:

If you want a sky-high proposal or any other kind at all, get in touch with us at info@theproposers.co.uk and we can make it happen. We’ve organised over 600 proposals and we have a 100% ‘She Said Yes!’ success rate, so you know you’re in good hands!

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