Barcelona Calls for Personalised Proposals

Published on 5th December '18
Barcelona Calls for Personalised Proposals

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers
DaranandElisa15of213 Personalised and sentimental for the couple who loves Astronomy!  

Barcelona has it all. Sea views, clear skies, natural forests and authentic city grounds.

This is the perfect proposal destination if you want to be spoilt for choice.

When we were given the exciting project of creating the perfect proposal that

involved shades of blue, astronomy and sentimental memories, The Proposers team got to work.

Not only were they surprised with a themed hotel room filled with blue tones, stars and

the gift of a telescope to spot shooting stars, we also personalised a secluded area in the natural forest with memories,

photos and details for the couple. As an extra special treat, we flew out the exceptional David Christopher

to capture the memories for the couple to keep forever.

If you are looking for a luxury destination, the team are happy to

curate the perfect personalised proposal.

We are the UK and Europe’s leading Romantic Event and Proposal Planners.

We have planned over 1,000 marriage proposals all across the world, all

with a 100% yes rate! If you have been inspired and would like our help to

plan your very own proposal in Barcelona, then get in touch at or

check out our website for more information

DaranandElisa11of213 A surprise gift for the couple DaranandElisa115of213 That special moment they will never forget. DaranandElisa24of213 A view fit to see the night time stars DaranandElisa44of213 A personalised tree with amazing memories