Published on 7th October '13

Dust off those breeches and don that top hat because it's official - chivalry is back! Thanks to TV shows such as Downton Abbey women are getting more turned on by old fashioned manners than expensive gifts and over the top romantic gestures. 96% of women recently interviewed for a survey by YouGov and Craigs List agreed that it's the simple gestures that are the most romantic. d_2087174b So, how do we turn a modern love affair into something that oozes romance? It's easy... Leave "love notes" on post-its lying around the house. Ok, so this might sound like something that happens in a chick flick but a little gesture like this shows her that you are thinking of her. As soon as she sees your note she is going to smile. By taking the time to think about the reasons you love her, and writing it down, it reaffirms to her that she is an important part of your life." Surprise her. You don't have to spend hundreds doing this, just keep it simple. If the weather is nice, go for a picnic in the park or tell her you don't mind watching that chick flick she's been dying to see. By demonstrating that you have taken time out of your day to think about what makes her happy, you are proving to her that you really can be an old romantic. da8438062490a1e7ea6a0c789ebdedd5 Sincerely apologize when it's needed. When we argue, we usually unintentionally hurt the other person. So make sure you take responsibility for your actions. If you have said something mean which has caused her upset, then tell her sincerely that you are sorry. By taking responsibility for your actions, you are validating the fact that you care about her and don't want to see her upset. Stand up. If you're meeting her for dinner and you are there first, stand up when she arrives. It may sound old fashioned but it will make your woman feel cared for and looked after. Offer to carry her bags or suitcase. According to the YouGov poll, 95% of women said this is a very romantic and caring gesture. It shows you want to take care of her." Propose to her - Obvious hey? But if you really loveher and want to be with her for the rest of your life then what better way than showing your love by making that commitment. If you need help with Proposal ideas then get in touch with The Proposers -we are the proposal experts after all! 2f421f7086d0f116f853e5fe32b02a95