Want your proposal to hit the headlines?

19th November '12

We are lucky enough to have the fabulous Lauren from The Style Tag as our guest blogger today. And boy, does she have an opinion when it comes to proposal ideas!

“and then I realised not only did he fly us out to paradise but he had booked out the whole island just for us. That combined with our very own private staff, non stop Champagne and the biggest rock i’ve ever seen, it was just the most incredible proposal EVER”.

We’ve all heard one of these stories and once told, they tend to spread like wild fire. Divulged from girl to girl whilst they let off uncontrollable squeals and secretly wonder if they’ll ever be blessed with such a romantic proposal, these stories are soon passed onto terrified boyfriends who contemplate how to get their proposal onto this coveted story network and earn the badge of honour from every proposal loving girl, which unfortunately for you, is pretty much every female out there. Including your lovely girlfriend.


Sorry to break that to you.

Now we’ve got the scary stuff out of the way, I’ve got news for you oh worried one: You dont have to be a Disney Prince and/or spend millions of pounds to do create the perfect proposal.


Yes, the idea of a private island does sound romantic and perfect, but sometimes its not so much about the grandness of the moment but the gesture itself.


I have been in a relationship for 5 years and all I could ever ask for is my man simply getting excited about the thought of popping the question and genuinely meaning every word. Ok, him asking as we bomb up the M1 isn’t exactly a life changing moment, so yes I would want some planning, but it doesn’t have to be like a fairy tale.

Er, Lauren’s Boyfriend? She wants a personalised, thoughtful proposal ok? Got that?


Having a personalised, thought out and well-executed proposal is all you need to do. Yes you could whisk her off to a faraway land in a helicopter but if she hates flying and doesn’t enjoy travelling then its not going to float her boat. It needs to fit her like a glove and if its done on her favourite muddy walk with a champagne picnic waiting at the end, then so be it. Create a moment she couldn’t of even dreamt of but is every inch her.

Now I know even this could seem like an impossible feat, but thats why I Really believe The Proposers are great (and no, they are not paying me to say that!) They don’t want to shoehorn you into a proposal that is grand, expensive and nothing to do with your relationship, The Proposers want to help you execute your ideas, help inspire some thought and most of all, be with you every step of the way to ensure it is everything you wanted and more.

This is when I subtly point my boyfriend in their direction.

Proposal pressure will always exist, but we can help to make sure yours is remembered for all the right reasons and gets all the squeals and ahhhs you deserve.

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