How To Create The Perfect Bedroom Proposal

Published on 25th March '20
How To Create The Perfect Bedroom Proposal


When choosing your proposal location there are endless options. From going on an exciting holiday to taking your loved one out for dinner - there are no right or wrong places for a proposal! The most important thing is that the proposal and the location has a deeper meaning to you and your partner. 

Some of our all time favourite proposals are bedroom proposals. These may seem simple, but we love them. A bedroom proposal has the advantage of being completely private, and can easily be set up anywhere in the world.

Here are our top three bedroom proposals ideas we have created for our clients. 

Bedroom Proposals

Bedroom Proposal

Romantic Bedroom Proposal

A lot of our clients travel to London for a weekend break, and want to combine this romantic trip with a private proposal in their hotel room. While the couple are out exploring London, our proposal planners sneak into their room and transform their room from a plain hotel room to an amazing proposal space. This doesn't have to be done in a hotel room though, it can easily be replicated at home!

Imagine tens of thousands of rose petals in your partner’s favourite colour, twinkling fairy lights, candles flickering and a personalised playlist with your partners favourite songs playing in the background. Your partner will be shocked to be met by this as they walk into the room, and to top it off – add a light up Marry Me sign and 100’s of balloons to add to the romance. Lead your partner into the middle of the room and bend down on one knee to say those 4 magic words.

/Users/minniefoffe/Desktop/OneDrive-2020-03-20/NIKP0004.jpgRomantic Bedroom Proposal

Harry Potter Bedroom Proposal

A bedroom proposal doesn’t have to be all about rose petals and fairy lights if that's not your thing! One of the best things about a proposal in a bedroom is that it can be easily tailored to you and your partner. For example – if your significant other LOVES Harry Potter, then why not bring a little slice of Hogwarts to your bedroom. 

Our planners once filled a room with magical Harry Potter items, from a Hogwarts acceptance letter to Hedwig's cage. It’s a fun and unexpected twist to a proposal that is guaranteed to have your partner saying yes. Celebrate with a specially created love potion cocktail to keep the magic alive after your proposal. It doesn't have to be about Harry Potter, we've transformed bedrooms into a movie lovers paradise, from Notting Hill to Pretty Woman to Disney.

Bedroom Proposal - Harry Potter

Bedroom Proposal - Harry Potter

Travel Themed Bedroom Proposal

Have you got a case of the travel bug but are unable to get away? Then bringing your dream holiday to your partner and setting it up in your bedroom could be the way to go! 

Go wine tasting "in France", or have a beach holiday "in Hawaii". Set off on an adventure across the globe, revisit your favourite holidays, or maybe even go somewhere new and unexplored. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back here. 

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