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So, early this morning Daisy and I were trooping through the snow towards London’s famous BBC studios in Portland Place in order to be interviewed on the radio about Proposal Planners. To say we were nervous was an understatement  after all  Radio 4 has over 4 million listeners!!! Thankfully, having had a nice cup of tea in The Langham hotel first (any excuse) we downed some rescue remedy and headed into the studio.


Proposal Planning is something that always causes a bit of a debate among people – “Are men not romantic enough to do it themselves?” ” Why do proposals have to be so extravagant?” Well, as you will hear from our interview on BBC Radio 4, us proposal planners are not ones to shy away from those type of questions at all. Our answers: Of course guys can be romantic – we’re just there to give them a helping hand! Extravagant Proposals? We do all types for all budgets. Your proposal doesn’t need to involve personalised fireworks or a flashmob for it to be perfect something simple and sweet is just as lovely!

You can listen to us on BBC Radio 4 here. Just skip forward to 48 minutes and there we are!

And in the meantime, if you want more information on Proposal Planners, Proposal Ideas, Proposal locations or even want some advice on choosing the perfect engagement ring or what to say in your proposal speech then please get in touch. We are after all, The Proposers: The best Proposal Planners out there!

Our Brighton proposal hits the newsstands!


It seems like our Brighton Beach hut proposal has been a hit in the seaside town. We were over the moon when we got a call from The Brighton Argus saying they had heard about us and wanted to do a feature on The Proposers and how we helped the lovely Nirmal propose to his gorgeous wife.

Propose to his wife? I hear you say? Yup. Nirmal and Bravestha had an arranged marriage 18 months beforehand and because of this Nirmal never got the opportunity to propose. Which is why he contacted The Proposers for some proposal ideas. “I wanted to prove to Bravestha how much I loved her, so what better way than to give her the romantic proposal she has always dreamed of.”

Is popping the question a big problem?


For those of you who missed it we were lucky enough to be in The Sun newspaper last week. Whilst lots of people might be sceptical about using proposal planners, our feature in The Sun proved that we have a 100% success rate – and even the women being proposed to love the fact their men used us!

Guys – it’s normal to worry about proposing. After all, it’s a life changing moment. But the last thing you want is for popping the question to become a problem. Why did and stress when you can let us do all of that for you.

But hey….we’re not going to try to convince you. Why don’t you read the feature in The Sun and hear it from real men who have used The Proposers to plan their proposals. I think you’ll agree, every one of them thought it was the best decision they had ever made (apart from making their gf their wife of course!!!)
You can check out The Sun feature here

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