Christmas Proposal Ideas

Published on 14th November '16
Christmas Proposal Ideas

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers

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Tis the season to be jolly, and with an air of romance and beauty surrounding Christmas, it really is the perfect time of year to propose. So how can you propose in a unique and creative way? Below we have listed our favourite ideas for popping the question this Christmas!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

Imagine this; you wake up on Christmas morning, run downstairs and everyone gathers around the Christmas tree to open presents. Suddenly your partner realises that something has happened to the tree! All of the ornaments have changed and now are personalised to represent special moments in your relationship. As your partner walks around the tree taking in all of your precious memories they will come across one final ornament; a ring presented in a beautiful festive ring box, or an ornament spelling out, ‘Will you marry me?'. This is when you will get down on one knee and propose.willyoumarrymeAlternatively you can take your partner for a walk through a park where they will come across a Christmas tree. Under the tree your partner will find gifts, wrapped up in paper of their favourite colour. As your partner unwraps the gifts they will find presents that symbolise your past, present and future lives together. As they unwrap the last gift it is your cue to get down on one knee and pop the question. proposalTake a look at our amazing Christmas tree proposal here.

Christmas Market

Everyone needs to buy Christmas gifts so why not suggest visiting a romantic Christmas market to your partner? When you walk up to a stall just imagine your partners surprise when one of the stall holders hands your partner a beautifully wrapped gift with their name on it. slide-4Inside the gift your partner will find a personalised present, for example a scrapbook, or love story timeline in a quaint frame. As you continue around the market this happens again, and again until your partner has multiple gifts. Christmas marriage proposal ideas from proposal experts The Proposers.Finally lead them towards a Christmas tree where you will get down on one knee and propose. What could be more romantic than that? Take a look at more of our beautiful Christmas market proposal here!

Laser Light Show

We all know that lights create a romantic festive feel so why not take this to the extreme and create a personalised laser light show for your partner? You can even tailor the light show so that it plays in time to your partners favourite song! Choosing a beautiful location for the light show will increase the magic and is sure to get you the YES you are looking for. Take a look a fabulous laser light show proposal here!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Ok, so we know it's difficult to plan a snowy Christmas proposal in the UK, but you can always fake it! Take your partner for a romantic stroll through the park where suddenly snow will begin to fall around you. As you walk further in you will come across your very own Winter Wonderland and in the middle there will be a giant engagement ring ice sculpture! Christmas marriage proposal ideas from proposal experts The Proposers.

A cracking good proposal

Create a Christmas dinner to remember by proposing using a personalised Christmas cracker. Either put the ring into the cracker itself, or to avoid a disaster in case someone gets a little too carried away with the popping process, put a note inside the cracker instead, asking your partner to marry you! Christmas marriage proposal ideas from proposal experts The Proposers.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

As you know Christmas is the season of giving, so why not go all out for your proposal and arrange a treasure hunt to all of your partner's favourite places in the city. At each location they will receive a gift with a romantic note leading them to the next location. Christmas marriage proposal ideas from proposal experts The Proposers.At the final location surprise your partner by presenting them with the ring. Christmas Tree proposal These are just some of the romantic proposal ideas we can help you plan. If you would like you have been inspired by this post and would like help planning your own Christmas proposal let us know at or visit our website here. We have planned over 850 proposals in under 5 years so you are in safe hands with us! If you you would like propose with a beautiful diamond engagement ring take a look at our partners, Purely Diamonds, stunning collection here.