Coffee Proposal Ideas

Published on 2nd November '15
Coffee Proposal Ideas

It's clear that the world has become obsessed with coffee. You can barely walk down a street in London without seeing some form of coffee shop or cafe. And with all the delicious coffee flavours that you can get, from a regular black coffee to a cinnamon and hazelnut latte, it is hardly surprising that a coffee craze has risen. That's why we've put together a list of amazing coffee proposal ideas that will surprise your coffee loving partner and will get you that all-important 'Yes!' that you've been waiting to hear.

Coffee Mug Proposal

Did you know that you are able to create coffee mugs which have personalised messages at the bottom of them? These special messages will be revealed when your partner finishes their drink! Imagine your partners surprise when you make them a delicious breakfast in bed one morning accompanied by a special mug of coffee. Little will they know that at the bottom of their mug the words, 'Marry me?' are written. marrymecup Imagine their shock and happiness when they finish off their coffee and see those four special words lining the bottom! If that's not worth a 'yes' then what is!?

Coffee Shop Cake Proposal

Who doesn't love cake? It perfectly compliments coffee and can also help create the perfect proposal! Arrange to take your partner to a lovely, quaint coffee shop somewhere where you can then surprise them by having a cake in the shape of a ring box brought over to your table at the same time as your coffee. It's such a great idea and you can even leave space for the ring! berites This is the cake we recently had made for one lucky couple in Paris! Romantic? We think so! What's even better is that you can take the cake home with you to share with your friends and family after!

Cat Cafe Proposal

Speaking of proposing in cafe's why not get your favourite furry, feline friends involved. We once organised an amazing proposal for a couple at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Shoreditch. catproposal Here's our ring bearer helping our client pop the question. No, we're afraid that even we couldn't get cats to pour cups of coffee but we could dress them up as waiters! We even used a cat as a ring bearer! catcoffeeIf your partner loves coffee and cats then this is the proposal for you!

Coffee Cup Ring

If your partner is a coffee lover and you would like to propose but you know they won't want you to decide on the ring without their input, this is a fun alternative and could be the best proposal for you. Use a decoy ring in the form of a coffee cup to propose. It will definitely brighten up their day and you won't have to worry about not having found the perfect ring! coffeecupring

Foam Proposal

If you want to do something unique for your proposal, why don't you spell it out in the foam? It'll be so romantic for your partner to look down and see the question waiting for them and it's sure to get you a 'Yes!' marrymefoamThis is a cheap and effective way to pop the question. You don't always have to write 'Marry Me?' either. Any personalised stencil can be made up which can be tailored to your own relationship!

Starbucks proposal

Instead of getting the barista at Starbucks to write your name on the cup, how about getting them to write 'Will You Marry Me' as well as your partners name on the side instead. Your partner definitely won't be expecting it so imagine their surprise when they read it! Starbucksproposal   If you've been inspired by this idea or for help with planning your own amazing proposal idea, contact us at We're professional marriage proposal and romantic events planners, and we've arranged over 600 proposals with a 100% ˜Yes!' success rate, so you're in good hands with us! Check out our website for more amazing proposals, ideas, costs and tips!