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Cops, Machine Guns and handcuffs…..This is why you need a proposal planner

22nd February '13
Ryan and Laura

Ryan and Laura

Ryan Houston, a guy from the states, apparently spent three months planning his proposal to girlfriend Laura. He decided, after weeks of research , that the perfect proposal spot was on the Secrets Aura resort in Cozumel, Mexico. He has filled in the hotel concierge about his plan and, on the night of the 9th January, the couple headed down to the beach where they stumbled across the words ” I Love you Laura” in petals.

But then it started to all go horribly wrong.

Speaking to ABC news, Ryan explains: ” I’d spoken to the hotel’s event coordinator and he had promised him that we would be the only ones on the pier and would have a great view of the sunset. But, as we approached, he saw more than a dozen people on the pier, a yacht parked in a spot that blocked the view and the hotel staff scrambling to set up the dinner”

But things didn’t get any better. They only got worse.

To add to all the disappointment  there was also a strange man sitting on one of the yachts just staring at the couple, making Ryan feel uneasy. Realising that not only was the guy creeping his girlfriend out, but that the boat was also blocking the view of the sunset, Ryan decided to untie it and give it a push.


Big Mistake.

Seconds later he was surrounded by Mexican police with machine guns, claiming they had a call from the boats owner insisting Ryan was damaging the boat. Suddenly Ryan was handcuffed and told to hand all of his valuables to Laura. little did she know, her engagement ring was pinned inside his shirt.

“I’ve still got this 1.84 karat diamond ring safety pinned inside my shirt and I have to make the decision either to go to Mexican jail with this ring on me or let Laura take it. “There on the pier, while I’ve got my hands cuffed behind my back, she reaches inside my shirt, feels the ring and puts two and two together,” Houston said. “She gasps and then pulls the ring real hard and the safety pin pops. The ring comes flying out of the shirt and then out of her fingers. It bounces off the dock and goes in the ocean.”

If anything, this story is pure evidence why it really is sensible to hire a proposal planner. If we had helped Ryan with his proposal we would have been on site to make sure no problems would have happened. The Proposers would have realised before Ryan and Laura arrived that the Pier was busy and would have sorted this out. If a boat was in the way of the sunset, we would have spoken with the owner and arranged for it to be moved….

Planning a proposal is stressful enough without silly things getting in the way. As we always say “We do the planning. you Pop the question. Which means all you have to worry about are those 4 special words.”

If you are thinking of proposing, in London, The UK, Europe or anywhere in the world, then we can help. And we promise your proposal won’t end up with police and handcuffs involved.


*You can read the full proposal story from ABC News here

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