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Crazy proposal ideas

11th December '12

So, everyone wants a unique proposal right? If we’ve learnt one thing since working as proposal planners, it’s that everyone is unique and therefore deserves a completely unique proposal. But, how unique is too unique?

We check out some of the world’s most out-there proposal ideas. Would you or wouldn’t you?

The Cinema Proposal

This guy really went all out when it came to proposing to his movie loving girlfriend. Matt Still tells his girlfriend Ginny he has to work on a Saturday and gets Ginny’s brother Charlie to take her see the Movie.. As the trailers begin to play, Ginny hears a familiar voice on screen…

How The Proposers would do it: Making a trailer for a film is an amazing way to propose BUT only if your girlfriend likes being the centre of attention! To make this proposal more personal we would have found a cinema showing her favourite film. For example, if she loved The Notebook, we would suggest that he make a trailer similar to The Notebook but featuring their own love story.


A Super Mario proposal

The ultimate proposal for computer geeks, this guy embedded the words WILL YOU MARRY ME into a super Mario game!

How The Proposers would do it: Although this is cute, it’s hardly a romantic setting is it? There’s no excuse for proposing in the living room in your house in front of the TV. Sure, they are obviously huge Mario Bros fans but that doesn’t mean the romance has to be limited to the computer screen. We’d have decorated the room in a Mario Brothers theme and have him present the ring in a Mario themed ring box like this:

A Disneyland proposal

There are no words…..

How The Proposers would do it: Er, we wouldn’t. This proposal is so obviously just about HIM (er, musical theatre job offer anyone?)


So, if you want to propose (be it a CRAZY proposal or just something simple and romantic proposal ideas), then get in touch. Here at Proposer HQ, we are experts when it comes to proposal ideas….and can help you plan your proposal from start to finish! Check out some of our past proposals to see what we can do!


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