Date ideas for when it's cold outside

Published on 17th December '13
Date ideas for when it's cold outside

date_ideas_winter Act like kids and build a fort   Baby it's cold outside! So here are The Proposers top tips for what to do when you daren't step out of the house! Build A Fort Live some of that childhood excitement by building a fort with your other half! Gather up all the duvets and sheets you can find and create your own indoor love camp! Once it's build why not snuggle up inside with a movie marathon or make sure you get some cuddles by sharing ghost stories! If you really want to get that childhood feeling, then how about trying to do a shadow theatre inside your tent! Now, how do you make a rabbit shadow with your hands?   cd172fada75950b82d3e2c39e7345c64 Photobooth Fun Have fun with an "At home" photo booth

Say CHEESE!!! - The perfect date night with lots of fun and laughter included! We've all seen photo booths at weddings, but whats to say you have to wait until two people get hitched to have some photo booth fun. Why not create your own photo shoot (which you can do on a mac or just by putting a camera on self timer!) You can make it even more fun by designing great photo booth backgrounds and props.

gift_basket_date A wintery indoor picnic - the perfect date night idea for when it's cold

Picnic basket IndoorsWarm up your weekend with a getaway for two, without leaving your home. Create a picnic hamper full of all of your favourite foods (and booze of course!), place in front of the fire and nibble the night away!

5e9ccb45ba29293692edf86134f85db4 Bring out the scrabble for a romantic date night

Old school gaming - Remember those games like Hungry hippo and Operation? Dig them out of the closet and challenge your other half! The person who wins, gets a sexy surprise!

If you would like more fantastic Date ideas, or perhaps you are thinking of proposing soon, the please get in touch with The Proposers.