December: The Month of Proposals.

Published on 25th December '15
December: The Month of Proposals.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! And what a Happy Christmas it is. This December we've been working our little 'stockings' off to help make 21 couples very happy. That's right, we've managed to plan a phenomenal 21 proposals in 17 days! Unfortunately, having so many proposals this close to Christmas means that our poor little Elves haven't had the chance to put together the videos and pictures of all the proposals yet, but the good news is that you'll have plenty to read about in the New Year! Here's a little preview of what you've got to look forward to!

Flash mob Open Mic Night Proposal

David came to us because he wanted to organise a proposal that would be something completely unique and different for his girlfriend Maria. After talking to him in more depth we found out that they both love poetry and music. We decided that the proposal had to be an open mic night and we organised for 21 West End musicians to come to a private dining room in a pub and pretend to be strangers who wanted to perform in the open mic night. We also thought that it would be a lovely touch for David to come up on stage and read a poem for Maria, which he had written himself.david1 Â For the actual proposal a cellist began to play Aerosmith's, "Don't want to miss a thing." As she did one of the musicians in the audience began to sing and one by one everyone else in the room joined in, (even the bartenders!).David2 As the song finished David got down on one knee and popped the question.davidmaria Maria was so surprised and with a proposal as romantic as that of course she said YES!

Lakeside Proposal in the Lake District

Faiz got in contact with us because he wanted to organise an amazing proposal for his girlfriend Vicky. Being a doctor meant that he didn't have enough spare time to organise the proposal he dreamed of, so he enlisted our help to create it for him. He told us that Vicky absolutely loves lakes so we thought where could be better for a lakeside proposal than the Lake District! For the proposal we hired a luxury home for them to stay in and ordered over 300 hundred lanterns, which we dotted around the outside area of the property, we painted leaves to make them sparkle and spelt out, 'Will You Marry Me' in gold letters next to a lantern containing the ring.faiz1We had to battle the torrential rain and wind, but it was worth it as the area looked absolutely magical.faiz2 It's no surprise that Vicky said yes!faizvicky

Kilworth House Proposal

Joseph wanted to propose to his girlfriend Amy and he came to us because they work together and he needed our help to make sure he didn't ruin the surprise. As a couple they are very elegant so we decided that a proposal in a grand house would be the perfect setting. We found Kilworth House and knew right away that this was where the proposal should take place. joesph1We transformed the library so that the room was covered in beautiful fairy lights and candles. We placed three easels in the room to represent the couples past, present and future. The past and present easels contained photographs of the couple together and on the third easel there was a canvas of Joseph alone, holding up a card with a '?' on it. joseph3 When the couple arrived Amy was greeted by the beautiful room and unwrapped the easels one by one. As she revealed the third Joseph got down on one knee and asked Amy to be his wife. She said yes! joseph2

FRIENDS Themed Proposal

Mitesh wanted to propose to his girlfriend Anisha. After a bit of digging we found out that they are both massive fans of the TV show FRIENDS. If you've ever properly listened to the words of the show's famous theme tune, I'll be there for you, you'll know that it's actually an incredibly romantic song. We knew that we had to hire musicians to play the song for the couple whilst Mitesh proposed. mitesh3 On the day of the proposal we completely covered the park with fairy lights, candles, and lanterns so that when Mitesh and Anisha arrived a wonderfully romantic scene greeted them.mitesh2After they'd sat down on the sofa and had taken in the atmosphere, a musician started to play the song, followed by another and another. As they were singing they walked around to where Mitesh and Anisha were sitting. As the song finished Mitesh got one down on one knee and asked Anisha to marry him.mitesh1 Through tears of happiness, she said yes!

Winter Wonderland Proposal

Ali asked us to help plan the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Yasmina. Being from Lebanon, Yasmina had come over to visit friends in London. In order to create the ultimate surprise, Ali pretended that he couldn't travel to England with her, as he had to work. On the day of the proposal Yasmina went to Winter Wonderland with a group of friends, whilst Ali came to meet us just outside at a beautiful fountain where we had invited a quartet to play their song, Etta James's, 'At Last.'ali1 We lured her to the fountain, and she was surprised and delighted to hear their song playing. As Yasmina was filming the scene to send to Ali in Lebanon, he had snuck up behind her and had got down on one knee waiting for her to turn around. ali2 As the song ended, Yasmina turned around to see him holding up the ring as he asked her to marry him. She couldn't believe her eyes and through tears of joy she said yes! ali3 Congratulations to all the couples we have helped to create their perfect happy ending this December. We wish them all the best in the future. These are just five of the 21 incredible proposals we've had the privilege of organising this month. Keep an eye out for the rest of them in the New Year! If you would like any help to plan an amazing proposal for your partner please contact us at: We're professional proposal and romantic events planners, and we've arranged over 600 proposals with a 100% 'Yes!' success rate, so you're in good hands with us! Check out our website for more amazing proposals, ideas, costs and tips:! If you'd like to buy a beautiful diamond ring please browse Purely Diamonds' jewellery collection by clicking here.