Disney Proposal

Published on 27th January '15
Disney Proposal

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers

When Arran came to us and said he wanted to propose to his boyfriend Callum in a magical Disney way,

we knew it was going to be a lot of fun!

The boys met when working at Disneyland as Pluto and Tigger along with all these gorgeous ladies.


Of course Arran knew that he wanted to propose in Disneyland but how would he get Callum there without guessing...hmmm!

Cue The Proposers. We helped Arran plan a magical proposal around London which led him all the way to Disneyland Paris where Arran would be waiting!

First stop, the boys flat where the lovely Dawn delivered a huge display of balloons and an album all about the couples past, present and future. And yes, you've guessed it, they LOVE the film UP.

JSS_2140 JSS_2136 JSS_2159 JSS_2184


Your adventure begins, was that a surprise?

The name of this street, you won't believe your eyes!

Where dreams come true, now get out your map,

You'll find it in Southwark, but please mind the gap...

Next stop, the lovely Louise and two of the cutest dogs ever. Why dogs? Because the boys LOVE dogs. We couldn't just let Louise turn up with two dogs, we decided to dress them up as Pluto and Tigger (obviously). 2015-01-11 10.34.26 2015-01-11 10.56.44

BUT wait - they weren't walking down any ordinary street!! It was Disney Street.....

(yes we found an actual street named after the place they love).

2015-01-11 19.46.43 JSS_2236


No we can't keep them, they're just for a hug

You've got to keep going, but I still want a pug.

Are you quite thirsty, the next stop's for that,

The pub that we worked in, now where's Carol's hat?

Next stop, the boys also worked in a pub so we incorporated this into the next clue. There waiting was the beautiful Jenna with a wine bottle and personalised wine label.

JSS_2305 JSS_2322

Then there was four...



Time to get moving...can't wait to be King?

Your next clue is waiting, you might need to sing!

Hakuna matata, oh where could it be...

To a show that you love, but will you find me?

Next stop, have you guessed, YES it's The Lion King where the very sweet Emily was waiting with a singer.



Almost there boyfriend, so now where to go?

You did pack a bag, not for cheddar you know!

To 'The Meeting Statue', now choo choo along,

Make google your friend and you cannot go wrong!


Next stop, the kissing statue at St.Pancras station in Kings Cross....but whats waiting there?

Another friend called Emily, waiting with a voice recorded Teddy. Arran had his voice recorded with the final clue (so cute)


But what does the Teddy say.....final clue

Last clue, tickets ready, its time to say bye.

Now get on that train, no this isn't a lie!

To Paris, I'm waiting, with Mickey and the gang,

Were starting this year with the ultimate bang!

Have you guessed?

Yes Callum heads to Disneyland Paris - arrgghhhhh exciting JSS_2477

choo choo

Callum arrives and knows exactly where to find Arran


Where they first met....



2015-01-11 20.34.05

OMG we're so happy for them.

A fun proposal for a fun and amazing couple. Congratulations guys.

Arran said:

'You were absolute superstars!!! Can't thank you enough, the book is fab - the wine label...the friggen cutest dogs and costumes...I could keep going ;) THANK YOU SO MUCH'

It was our pleasure. Thank you for letting us be part of it. AND a huge thanks to all the girls for helping.

Tigger says 'Hi!'


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