Fairy Light Proposal

Published on 26th May '15
Fairy Light Proposal

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers

When Ravi came to us he wanted to create an amazing proposal for his beautiful girlfriend Pav.

After finding out all about her and the kind of things she loved we started coming up with her dream proposal!

When it finally got to the big day Ravi got his boss to email him saying he had a 'training day' in London so under the cover of work he headed up to London earlier to drop their bags at the surprise hotel he had booked whilst Pav had no idea what he was really doing.

He arranged to meet Pav in the evening for dinner (after his 'training course'!) at one of their favourite restaurants in town, Bob Bob Ricard, where we had visited earlier in the day to put our plans into place!!

After dessert Ravi told Pav he was going to the toilet but really he left the restaurant into a cab waiting outside and we had arranged for one of the waiters to hand Pav a handmade scrapbook all about her and Ravi

2015-04-18 22.18.28 hand made scrapbook

On the final page was instructions about where to go next and Pav made her way outside to where a second taxi was waiting to take her to Ravi!

When Pav was dropped off at the secret location she was led upstairs by one of our proposal planners to the room we had spent the last two hours decorating, and she was greeted by our fabulous singers James, serenading her with John Legend's 'All of Me'...

2015-04-18 21.39.18 James on the piano

When Pav walked in the room was filled with thousands and thousands of yellow (her favourite colour!) rose petals, hundreds of candles and trails of fairy lights coming down from the ceiling

2015-04-18 21.48.04 Pav as she entered the room

As she got to the piano Rav came out from hiding behind and got down on one knee!!!!

And of course... And of course... ...she said yes! ...she said yes! Showing off the amazing ring! Showing off the amazing ring! Celebrating in the rose petals! Celebrating in the rose petals! We love these signs! We love these signs!

You can even watch the entire thing on video here!!!


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