The first five things to do after they propose.

Published on 15th December '15
The first five things to do after they propose.

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers
They have finally uttered those four amazing words which you have been waiting to hear your entire life. You have got the ring and the location is perfect. But what's next? Do not panic. Here is a guide to the top 5 things to do after they have proposed.

Take Photographs

After getting engaged you are going to have to tell your proposal story at least 100 times, that's why you will need to take out your phone and get snap happy. Not only will it capture that special moment you will want to remember forever but it will also allow you to show off your amazing proposal to all of your friends. poloroid


Before splashing a photo of your beautiful new rock all over social media, make sure that you tell your nearest and dearest first. Your mother will not appreciate finding out that her daughter is getting married via Facebook and your sister will hate being told by someone else who saw it on Twitter first! After that however, feel free to tell anyone and everyone who will listen! call-your-family-h724

Insure the ring.

This is incredibly important. If you had just bought a piece of expensive art, the first thing you would want to do is insure it. So, why should it be any different with your beautiful new ring? You may not think it but you're carrying an investment around with you everyday. No pressure! appraiser-300x250

Get a manicure.

Your finger is going to be the centre of attention for the next few weeks so you need to make sure that it looks pretty. This is the perfect excuse to get a manicure, and once you have you can start flashing your ring to anyone and everyone you come across. raviproposal

Start dreaming.

You now have a valid reason to browse the wedding section on Pinterest for hours on end, so make the most of it. Or head to your local newsagents and buy all of the bridal magazines you can find. The sooner you get started the less stressful the run up to your big day will be. pinterest   If you would like any help to plan an amazing proposal for your partner please contact us at We're professional proposal and romantic events planners, and we've arranged over 600 proposals with a 100% 'Yes!' success rate, so you're in good hands with us! Check out our website for more amazing proposals, ideas, costs and tips! If you'd like to buy a beautiful diamond ring please browse Purely Diamonds jewellery collection by clicking here. Credit: staticflickr, glamour, sheknows.