Published on 18th June '15

Welcome back THROWBACK THURSDAY! This weeks proposal was amazing, we wish we could go back and relive this proposal all over again. Hasan came to us, The Proposers, with a very specific idea - he knew he wanted to use a dancing flash mob to propose to his partner Soma. Having previously danced with Michael Jackson we knew this was going to be very special. Hasan knew that we could plan and execute his proposal perfectly, leaving Hasan to only worry about his dance steps. Amazing!!!! Amazing!!!! Our main task was to find an iconic location - and boy did we pull it out of the bag! We managed to get THE iconic location - in the middle of London's Convent Garden. With a month to prepare we interviewed dancers and booked rehearsal space. Once the dancers had learnt their part, Hasan came in to learn his - he was amazing (watch the video and see for yourself!) When the big day arrived, Hasan and Soma went for a stroll around Covent Garden where they spotted a lone dancer, with a few hundred people watching, another dancer joined in and another and another, until at least 20 dancers were performing an amazing routine to Bruno Mars 'Marry Me.' The first dancer, surrounded by onlookers around Covent Garden. The first dancer, surrounded by onlookers around Covent Garden. Half way through the song, the moment we had been waiting for, Hasan turned to Soma, told her he loved her and went to join the dancers. He showed London how much he loved Somer by performing the most amazing routine. Hasan busting his moves. Hasan busting his moves. Hasan then got down on one knee, of course Soma said yes! The crowd erupted, what a fabulous moment. The Proposers camera crew. The Proposers camera crew.


The Proposers.

We, The Proposers, specialise in dancing and singing flash mobs, if you were interest in a similar or smaller scale- were the girls to come to. If you're interesting in creating a perfectly personalised and unique proposal, then get in touch; we're the proposal experts and have created over 500 successful YES - so whats stopping you?

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