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26th January '15


When we think of hen parties, we usually picture images of drunk, costume-clad females brandishing a variety of penis-shaped apparatus. Though this has all the makings of one seriously fun night out, the more raucous celebration won’t be to everyones taste. While a mad night on the tiles might be right up your street, a hen party planner needs to put the bride first, and she might not be such a party animal!

However, this needn’t hinder your hen do in any way there are plenty of hen party activities for all types of vibes. The girls from HenStuff have come up with the perfect hen party scenarios for every imaginable vibe, so grab your pen and paper and let’s get planning ladies!


If your bride-to-be friend is a bit of a party girl then you’ll want to celebrate her last night of singledom with a bang. There are many ways to do this in style, and you can comfortably plan an awesome hen night with or without a big budget.

If you’ve got some money to play with…

Why not plan a girly weekend away in Marbella or Ibiza with your girls? We’re talking the beach, bikinis, cocktails and clubbing till the early morn. Organise a glamorous getaway to celebrate your friend’s impending marriage, and get the girls together for a holiday that none of you will ever forget.

If you’re on a budget

If you’re saving the pennies to spend on shots (wise choice) then why not plan a cocktail-making class at one of the best clubs in town and book a VIP area? Though you’ll be staying local, you and your gal pals will have a whole section of the club to yourself, allowing you to drink and dance the night away in a truly wild fashion. Plus, you get to drink the cocktails you’ve been taught how to make. Can we get a hallelujah


If a night out in heels and dresses doesn’t sound like your ideal hen party, don’t worry you are not alone! Plenty of lovely ladies opt for a more adventurous, go get ‘em style hen party, and there are tonnes of ways for you to do this. If your bride-to-be is a bit of a daredevil, why not opt for a more physical activity to kick off the festivities?

If you’ve got some money to play with…

Go-karting? Canyoning? Tree top adventures? Ziplines? The options are literally endless, and there’ll be something to whet your adventurous appetite in almost any city you choose for your hen party. You could even combine a few of these ideas for a jam-packed hen party that will tire you and your girls right out!

If you’re on a budget…

Why not plan a scavenger hunt around your local town? Split your hens into teams and create a list of clues or challenges at different locations, culminating in a nail-biting race to the finish line. This is a fun and exciting way to spend your day, and you could choose to finish up at a fabulous bar where cocktails await you!



If classy is the one word that best describes your soon-to-be-married pal then an adventure-filled hen party might not float her boat. Classy hen parties are great because they cater to all ages, so there are no limitations on who can come along and have a fantastic time.

If you’ve got some money to play with…

Start with afternoon tea at a posh hotel. This will involve adorably tiny sandwiches, delicious scones and champagne or posh teas! You know the ones we mean dead posh. This is a fabulous activity that will make you feel like royalty and provide you with plenty of delicious grub before you get ready for the rest of the day. Why not really push the boat out and top off the afternoon by hiring a bubbly-filled limousine to drive you and the girls to your final destination?

If you’re on a budget

Plan a tea party at home with lots of lovely party food. You can serve champagne cocktails and canaps before dragging your hens to a posh wine or cocktail bar to natter the evening away over a few drinks.


Planning a wedding can be very stressful indeed. So stressful, in fact, that for many the idea of a super-busy hen weekend is a total nightmare! If your soon-to-be-married friend needs some time to chill before the big day then why not plan a relaxed hen weekend and spend some quality time with your very best friends?

If you’ve got some money to play with…

Book a spa weekend for yourself and your lovely ladies. A gorgeous hotel, endless Jacuzzis, a manicure, a massage, and a whole weekend with your favourite friends that sounds pretty darn good to us! The benefit of a spa weekend is that you can book additional treatments if you really feel like pampering yourself, or you can keep a closer eye on your spending by limiting yourself to a couple of treats.

If you’re on a budget

Bring the spa to your home! Kick out the boys for a weekend of pure relaxed bliss. Pop down to Boots and grab a handful of face masks and nail polishes and you can take it in turns to do your very own treatments on each other! Choose some girly films, buy a bottle of wine or three, and you’ve got a guaranteed fantastic hen weekend in the comfort of your own home. Gorgeous.

And there you have it: a bunch of hen party ideas for whichever vibe you and your girls are going for. No matter what you would prefer to do, rest assured that you can plan the best weekend for your bride-to-be-friend and remind her why you and the gang are the best friends she could ask for.

Remember no matter which hen party vibe you opt for, it won’t be complete without hen party accessories!

Post by HenStuff. Image source – Wedsaway, Minamo Printing.

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