6 signs he’s never going to propose

1st January '13

We’ve all been there….desperately crossing our fingers and praying that today will be the day when he will propose. But sometimes, it just isn’t meant to be.

Here are The Proposers 6 signs that he’s not going to propose. Sorry girls.

1. He only makes short term plans – If he never commits to a holiday in the future, or is only capable of making plans with you once week in advance then don’t hold out on the fact there will be an engagement ring soon. If you don’t feature in his future plans, a  ring is not on the horizon.

2. When friends talk about marriage and babies, he quickly changes the subject or becomes uninterested – Ok, so lots of men get intimidated by baby talk, but if your man literally can’t tolerate it then chances are it’s because he can’t see himself having kids with you. 🙁

3. He tells you he is too stressed at work right now to even think about getting married – excuses,  excuses. Next he’ll be claiming that he’s “too young”, “too broke” or “too hungry” to even contemplate marriage. What he’s really trying to say is “There will never be a right time….with you.”

4. His friends are all single – it’s a sad fact but if his friends are running around being single and chatting about different women all of the time, chances are he will worry he’s missing out if he marries. On the plus side, if his friends are in relationships and starting to go down the marriage path, it’s likely he’ll follow suit too.

5. He’s hugely ambitious.…but hasn’t reached his goal yet. Your goal is to get married and have a family. His is to get that promotion, own the business or drive around the world on a motorbike. If he is the ambitious type, chances are he will want to achieve his ambitions before settling down.

6.He hasn’t introduced you to his family – It’s a hard hitting fact but if he hasn’t introduced you to his family, chances are it’s because he doesn’t want to. Why? Because he doesn’t see a future with you.

BUT……FEAR NOT! You may be reading this post and thinking “OMG…I never realised. He really isn’t going to propose is he?”

There’s only one thing left to do. Check out our “hint hint” and see if we can convince him….



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