How do you add up when it comes to love?

4th February '13

The road to wedded bliss can be a long and exciting one, but here at Proposer HQ we love knowing how we stack up against everyone else when it comes to all things romantic. So, whether it’s your proposal, your engagement or even your wedding, we (along with those wonderful people at Hufington Post Weddings) have put all those lovely dovey stats together. All together now…..ahhhhh.

When did you say “I LOVE YOU”?
48% – 1-6 months
41% – less that one month
9% – 7 months to one year
4% – more than one year

How long were you together for before you met your other halves parents?
44% – 1-6 months
35% – Less than a month
9% – before we got together
6% – 7- 12 months
2% – 1-2 years

How long were you engaged for before getting married?
40% – 13-18 months
27% – 7-12 months
23% – 19-24 months
6% – 24+ months
4% – 0-6 months

So, where did you fit in? Or perhaps you’re not actually engaged yet but are just thinking about it? If that’s the case then The Proposers can help. We not only help you come up with proposal ideas but we can also be there on the day to make sure everything goes smoothly! It’s simple -we do the planning, you pop the question!

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