How to arrange an incredible engagement shoot in London

20th April '17

Getting engaged is such a wonderful moment so it’s only natural that you would want to show off your happy news. Here are our tips for creating a beautiful engagement shoot in London.

Finding the right photographer

Many photographers offer an engagement shoot as part of their wedding package. This is a great way to find out how your photographer works and their unique style. It’s also beneficial to use the same wedding photographer for your engagement shoot so that you can get to know them and feel relaxed on the day of your wedding.couple in front of the houses of parliament

Choosing the perfect setting

London is such an iconic location so it’s not hard to find a beautiful setting for your engagement shoot. We would recommend finding secret spots that make it seem like it’s just the two of you, but still captures the beauty of London.

Engagement shoot in London

Choose the right lighting

For London, and other cities sunrise and sunset are great times to capture your engagement photos. Not only will there be less people around, these are also the most romantic times of day, which is very fitting for the type of shoot you are doing! couple in love next to big ben

Re-enact the proposal

If you didn’t have a photographer present at the proposal itself, this is a brilliant opportunity to get an amazing proposal shot. Try and make the shot look as natural as possible, your photographer should be able to help with this by making you feel at ease.Engagement Shoot

Consider what you are going to wear

Make sure that you tailor your clothing to where the location the shoot will take place. You should also need to consider the vibe that you want at your wedding to try and set the tone. Matching your clothing to your partners clothing is also important so that you don’t clash. Engagement Shoot in London

Reflect your personalities

This engagement shoot is all about you and your partner so you should make sure that your personalities are reflected through the photos too. Try to have fun with it and take props to make you feel more relaxed.

engagement shoot in london

If you would like help arranging an incredible engagement shoot in London we can help! We work with some amazing photographers and know of many beautiful spots for your shoot to take place.

Contact us at to find out more, or visit to learn more about what we do.

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