How to ask her Dad’s permission

29th October '13

Hands sweating? Unable to get the words out of your mouth? Feel like you would rather be anywhere than here right now? Here at Proposer HQ, we know how you feel. After all, we have watched (and helped) lots of men ask their girlfriend’s father’s permission …so here are our top tips on how to ask the (second) most important question you’ll ever have to ask…


Perhaps the pub is a good place to start, a few drinks may make you a little more relaxed… then again too many drinks to calm the nerves could go horribly wrong. The last thing you want is for your soon to be father in law to be holding back your hair whilst you throw up into the toilet! So, if you are worried about WHERE to do the asking, then thinking about what HE would like. Does he have a favorite restaurant? If so, take him there. If he loves watching football, take him to a match and then ask him afterwards, Paying attention to the sorts of things he likes shows you are taking this seriously…..and want to make both him (and his daughter) happy

How about a round of golf? A nice and peaceful setting, where you have plenty of time to discuss things and get it all off your chest. Unless of course, your father in law to be is really competitive and has a 4 handicap. Our tip – regardless of how well you play golf, LET HIM WIN. This will automatically put him in a great mood for when you ask that all important question!
Regardless of the place or time, the main thing is that you feel calm, collected and keep it together. Its an important occasion and second to asking your girlfriend to marry you, one of the most important questions you will ever have to ask anybody. Be honest, speak from the heart and explain exactly why you want to marry his little princess and what makes her so special. Maybe dropping in that the family is wonderful too and she’s so like her father in many ways may get you the odd brownie point! Lets be honest, unless you’ve just met his daughter in a nightclub last night or you’ve just been fired from your job for being rude and aggressive, he’s likely to be delighted that you love her just as much as he does.
Ultimately, if you feel the need to ask for her fathers permission to propose, you must know deep down that the time is right and that he’ll be over the moon and instantly give you his blessing. Only a fool (and very brave man) would even consider asking for a fathers permission knowing there might be the slightest chance that he’ll say no!!

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