How to be romantic with Food

30th September '13

What says romance better than food? Food is the key to most peoples hearts (or is that just me?).
Saying you love someone is easy, but integrating your love into something that happens every day is the tricky part so why not show it with food…


Breakfast pancakes and fruit are one of our favourites why not spell out I Love You with the fruit its simple, effective and very pretty (especially when you have an early start!).


Lunch fancy eggs? Then how about eggs on toast. It’s cheap, simple and impressive. The trick is to boil the water with an egg shape biscuit cutter, then pour the egg into the cutter and watch it cook into a beautiful egg shape (All within 3 minutes!).


Dinner yummy pie. Make any type of pie, shape into a heart and use the left over crust to make words, like I Love You or your initials. This could even be a cute way to propose. You wouldn’t expect Marry Me on a pie straight from the oven – but if you love food then this is hot!


Dessert who could resist chocolate covered strawberries? Not only are strawberries romantic (especially when fed to each other) they are also scrummy and easy to make. Melt chocolate; dip strawberries-in, then dip into hundreds and thousands or whatever you have. Leave to set in the fridge for a few hours. Done. Your perfect day of romance.

Strawberries - Pinterest - no more details.

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