How to create an unusual and original marriage proposal this Christmas.

Published on 3rd December '15
How to create an unusual and original marriage proposal this Christmas.

The Proposers
The Proposers
The Proposers
Did you know that one in four proposals take place in December alone? It's no surprise that this is the case as Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year. However, with a statistic like this you may be thinking, what can I do that hasn't been done a million times before? Not to worry, Santa's little helpers are here to tell you about some of the most unique Christmas proposals that we could think of.

Spell it out in lights.

Imagine your partner's surprise after returning home from a romantic night out to see, 'Will You Marry Me', spelt out in fairy lights? juliamarryme If you wanted to surprise them even more we can to turn them on for you when your partner isn't looking. That way the house will seem normal one minute and will say the four most romantic words they've ever read the next.

Use a mug

Christmas is the perfect excuse to drink mulled wine and this is also a great way to propose at Christmas. If you are looking for something a little more low-key, why not use a mug to propose? You can sit by the fire, and watch Christmas films whilst drinking mulled wine. When your partner reaches the bottom of the mug they will be shocked to see the words, 'Marry Me' at the bottom! marrymecup Heart-warming? We think so!

Hang it from the mistletoe

What could be more romantic than mistletoe at Christmas? We know! Actually proposing underneath the mistletoe! We can help you to create the perfect proposal by covering a whole doorframe in beautiful mistletoe. We will include personal touches such as photographs of the two of you, tickets from activities of what you have done together, notes you've written and of course the ring! mistletoe You can go out for a lovely romantic meal and when you return your partner will be shocked to see that the doorframe has been completely transformed into something magical.

Create a Fairy tale

If you're planning to pop the question on Christmas Eve, why not do it using a book? You can give your partner their favourite Christmas story as an early present. When they open it they'll be stunned not to see the usual pages within, but instead a ring! ring Or, you can create your partner's own personal fairy tale using our bespoke package. thestoryofus

Create a snow-prosal

This year why not give your partner a Christmas they'll never forget by writing 'Will You Marry Me?' in the snow.You can either do this with real or fake snow, depending on the weather. snowproposal Alternatively you can position the snow and place a Father Christmas hat on top make it look like Santa is lying down on the ground. On the back of each hat you can spell out the words 'Marry Me?' What a lovely Christmas surprise!

All I want for Christmas is you!

We all love Mariah Carey's hit song, 'All I want for Christmas is you!' If your partner does too and you think that this is the ideal song to propose to, we can help you arrange an amazing acoustic version or if you'd rather go one step further we can create an incredible Christmas flash mob proposal for you! crimbo

Advent Calendar

We think that proposing with an advent calendar is one of the most unique and thoughtful ways to propose. adventcalendar Proposing this way gives you 24 opportunities to show how much you care about your partner before the big day. You can include anything from delicious chocolates to a voucher for their favourite shop. Sending them for a manicure is a must and so, of course, is the ring on the 25th day! Live Proposal! If you'd like to do something completely different we're offering you the chance to propose live on TV on Christmas Day in front all your friends and family. For more information contact us on the email address provided below. today If you would like any help to plan an amazing proposal for your partner please contact us at We're professional proposal and romantic events planners, and we've arranged over 600 proposals with a 100% 'Yes!' success rate, so you're in good hands with us! Check out our website for more amazing proposals, ideas, costs and tips! If you'd like to buy a beautiful diamond ring please browse Purely Diamonds jewellery collection by clicking here.