How to deal with engagement pressure: tips for men!

5th November '13
Feeling the pressure?

Feeling the pressure?

So your best friend got engaged last night. How exciting! You’re over the moon for them, already thinking about the stag do and are looking forward to the wedding of the year.

You get a text from your cousin telling you that he proposed to his girlfriend on her birthday at their favourite restaurant. You’re happy for him. She seems like a lovely girl and you’re sure the wedding will be a real showstopper.

You get to work and the geeky IT guy is telling anyone that will listen, that he’s off to buy an engagement ring at lunchtime and hoping to propose to his girlfriend on a romantic break this weekend.

Wowzer! Everyone seems to be getting engaged. Everyone bar you. At least, that’s what your mother said when you last spoke to her.

Is she putting the pressure on?

Is she putting the pressure on?

There comes a time where people get to a certain age and start thinking about the next step in life. People that are just dating begin to make things a bit more permanent, people with long term partners begin to propose and people that are married start having babies. Then the pressure turns to you. When are you getting married?â

It’s not about what everyone else is doing. It’s about how you feel and if you AND your partner feel it’s the right time. Are you happy with the way things are for now? Or do you want to take the next natural step and make things a little more official?

If you even have to ask yourself that question, then maybe the time isn’t right just yet. The thing about engagements and asking the most important person in your life to marry you is that you’ll just instinctively know when the time is right.

Forget what your parents say, forget the pressure from friends that are all getting engaged and follow your heart. It’s such a special moment, you don’t want to be doing it just to fit in and conform.

But when do you decide to propose. Make it special, make it unique and do it right. In fact, I know some ladies that could help you out


Guest post by Veronica Ballard


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