How to HINT it's time to get engaged...

Published on 27th May '15
How to HINT it's time to get engaged...

The Proposers
The Proposers

1. Leave bridal magazines, tiffany's catalogues...really anything marriage related you can find lying around the house

This is definitely the oldest trick in the book and we would recommend this is your starting point before going onto bolder moves!

"Accidentally on purpose" "Accidentally on purpose"

2. Stick the picture of the ring you want up on the fridge

We aren't even joking we've actually heard of someone doing this before, and they even wrote their ring size on it too!!!

If you aren't as ballsy as this then how about just turning down the corner of the page you like in a ring catalogue on your bedside table, he's bound to spot it sooner or later we would hope!

Yes please! Yes please!

3. Tell him about us!

Maybe he wants to propose but doesn't know how!

Proposing can be a little daunting for some men and there is often a huge amount of pressure...which is where we come in!

If your other half has got an idea but doesn't have a clue how to make it happen, or perhaps he needs some inspiration from us to come up with something you would love then we're here to help.

Tell him about us and maybe this will happen to you in the not so distant future...

4. Hint Hint

Have you heard about our Hint Hint service yet... give us your partner's email address and we send them an in-coincidental email about our services!

And he'll never know it came from you!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 14.08.01

5. Propose to him!!

We don't just arrange proposals for men...

...women can propose too!

With the leap year just around the corner it's your turn girls!

We've planned over 500 proposal¦created flashmobs in Times Square, abseiled into caves to set up candlelit picnics, scuba dived with marry me signs and even had cats delivering the ring..anything is possible!! Not to mention our 100% She Said Yes success rate!! So don't forget if you loved any of these proposals and want to get in touch with one of our expert Romance & Proposal Planners to help plan your big moment drop us an email at

Credit: Tiffany & Co, Brides