How to propose in New York

1st January '14

A New York proposal is every girls dream. So what if you want a simple proposal in one of the hottest spots in the city? Here’s what The Proposers would suggest

Propose in the most romantic restaurant in New York

New York's most romantic restaurant

New York’s most romantic restaurant

Labelled as one of the most romantic restaurant s in NYC, One if By Land, Two if By Sea is a historic 18th-century carriage house in the West Village. You’ll find candlelight, roaring fireplaces, and a baby grand piano tinkling away as you indulge in the decadent menu. If your significant other has been complaining that the romance is gone, then The Proposers can help you book a table at this restaurant to ensure every inch of your proposal goes to plan. Imagine the scene sitting across from your girlfriend in the glow of the firelight. The words Will you marry me? will flow from you as easy as the chocolate souffle for dessert.

New York Botanical Garden proposal

Botanical Garden
If your girlfriend prefers being amongst nature, then the New York Botanical Garden is a truly stunning venue to propose in. Choose your spot from the Native Plant Garden to the Fall Foliage to the Perennial Garden. The Rock Garden is home to thousands of alpine flowers, woodland plants, and a sparkling waterfall a little oasis that will provide the perfect backdrop to any proposal. Your only difficulty will be choosing the exact spot to ask for her hand in marriage. With such serene beauty, it’ll be a proposal straight out of a fairytale book.

Helicopter ride proposal

A helicopter ride over NYC

A helicopter ride over NYC

If your girlfriend has a head for heights and enjoys seeing sights from a different vantage point, then this wedding proposal will go down (or up?) a treat.  A helicopter ride over the city ensures your girlfriend gets to see the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and more without achy feet or achy necks looking at skyscrapers disappearing into the clouds. You’ll be whizzing past many iconic buildings and sites but the engagement ring you pull out for her will be the only thing she will be gazing at.  If her head isn’t already up in the clouds, it sure will be after your proposal

Love these ideas but want to make your proposal more special? That’s where The Proposers can help. We turn a simple (dare we say, boring) proposal into something really spectacular by adding a little bit of magic. Contact us to find out how…

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