How to propose on Bonfire Night

5th November '14

When it comes to proposing on Bonfire Night, the sky is the limit – literally.

Okay, so November 5 wasn’t such a great day for Guy Fawkes but, for decades we’ve enjoyed huddling around the raging bonfire and gawking at the colourful firework explosions thanks to his foiled plot.

Not only is Bonfire Night an excuse to cosy up to your partner on a cold winter’s night, it could also make for a fabulous proposal. So here are some ideas on how to inject some excitement – and danger – into your proposal!


Fireworks: If a fiery, explosive proposal is what you’re after then this could be the one for you. If you’re not sure how to ask that all-important question then save yourself the worry by spelling it out – in fireworks! It’s sure to be a proposal she won’t forget…

Bonfire: If you’d like to embrace the atmosphere of Bonfire Night then a romantic proposal at a fireworks display could be just the ticket. Get down on bended knee by the warmth of the bonfire, or wait for the fireworks climax to pop the question for lots of ooohs and aaahs!

m live

Sparkler: Creative ways to propose on fireworks night doesn’t start and end at fireworks.. in fact, for a much simpler – and cheaper – proposal why not write out your proposal message with sparklers? Have someone on hand to take a long exposure shot and then present it to your other half as an arty, but beautiful proposal.

If you’d like to plan the ultimate proposal but need some ideas, help or advice, get in touch with The Proposers.

Image source – Metro, M Live.

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