How to propose on New Years Eve

Published on 18th December '13
Cushion 12 special somethings....

A wedding proposal on New Years Eve can be special and memorable as you ring in the New Year and plan to spend your lives together. The Proposers can bring that extra special something to your proposal that will ensure you are guaranteed your girlfriend gives you a big fat YES

On the 31st December, we can arrange for 12 special somethings to happen on the hour from 1pm right up to midnight. These could be personalised gifts to be delivered to your girlfriend such as a framed portrait of you both or a bespoke cushion with declarations of love. Or what about a message on the radio saying how much you love her? Or even a singing troupe arriving at the door with an acapella song just for your girlfriend. The last special something at the stroke of midnight will quite simply be you down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. Motorbike Fulfill your partner's bucket list

How about helping out your girlfriend get through her bucket list? On NYE day, you both go and do everything on her bucket list before the final one....when you propose. She may want a ride on the back of a motorbike with you or take a lesson learning the Argentine Tango. Whatever is on her list, we at The Proposers can help out arranging for her to have a day she will never forget. What more could a girl want but know that her boyfriend has helped out creating such a magical day?

Cake shop window display A window displayed "Will you marry me"

Arranging a party for NYE and need a dessert? Then take your girlfriend to a very special cake shop where The Proposers will have arranged a window display of gorgeous cakes specifically made to spell out Will You Marry Me? Other cakes around can have photos of you and messages of terms of endearment. But when she spots the four cakes with those words she has been longing to hear, you'll be there to offer a dazzling ring and her answer will be as sweet as any of those cakes.

cinema A film like no other..

Spending NYE afternoon in the cinema together watching your girlfriends favourite film, will be romantic and special as it will just be only you two in the auditorium. We can arrange for this special film showing, complete with delicacies and champagne. As the film ends another special film begins of you telling her how much you love her and asking her to be yours forever. The Proposers can help organise this film showing and film your proposal clip; it can be filled with photos and videos of your times together. So, come the evening, you will have a double celebration the New Year and your engagement!

If you would like to propose on New Years Eve and want to do something really creative then please contact The Proposers.   Blogger: Alexander Photo credits: Cushion - Lynn O, Cake shop Triin Q on Flickr, Motorbike Paige Pyper, Cinema