How to propose on St Patricks Day

10th March '14

St Patricks Day is typically considered a day to drink Guinness and dress up like a Leprechaun. But it could also be the perfect day for a romantic, surprise proposal.

So here’s some ideas on how to propose on Paddys Day next Monday (17th March).

Clover charm: Getting down on one knee and popping the question is one of the biggest days of your life, so you’ll want the luck of the Irish on your side. And what better way than to involve the luckiest of charms: a four-leaf clover or even dozens of them. Get in touch with your crafty side and create a bouquet of four-leaf clovers to present to your partner, you could add a special love note or promise on each one. You could even press it and present it in a frame with the words Will you marry me? which would be a nice keep-sake.

four leaf clover

The end of the rainbow: Take some inspiration from The Wizard of Ozs yellow-brick road but replace it with a rainbow path and take your partner on an Irish adventure. Pop out for a romantic stroll in the park on a sunny afternoon and stumble upon a chalk rainbow footpath (in true Blue Peter style, here’s one you created earlier!). Follow the path through the beautiful gardens, ending at a secluded and romantic spot with a pot of gold and hidden amongst it your partner will find a special little box!

whencookiesscream tumbler (3)

Embrace the Irish: Not every girl is a girly-girl and not every girl wants a soppy proposal. So if she acts like one of the lads, then why not embrace that and propose with a simple, Irish gesture. Pop down the pub with a group of friends and order a round (Guinness of course!) and once she’s sunk the pint she could spot a special message at the bottom of the glass: Will you marry me?

deverespub (3)

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Image source – Devere Hotels,, whencookiesream

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