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How to propose…. Properly!: Part Three

9th September '12

So to recap- why hire a proposal planner?

Our ultimate guide to WHY YOU NEED US

1. Expert Opinion – We’re not your mum, your mate or your girlfriend, we can give you impartial advice from a females prospective and we know how to knock her socks off and make your proposal both memorable and meaningful.

2. Reduce stress – We guide you through the entire process which means your marriage proposal planning will be fun, exciting and stress-free.

3. Save money- We have plenty of contacts and we’re great at negotiating which means you’ll get the best prices.

4. Save time-  Trying to research locations, suppliers, flights, restaurants, decorations all take a lot of time, we’ll take this off your hands and come back to you with a list of the best at the best price.

5. Choosing the ring- At Proposer HQ, diamonds are never far from our minds. We love all things sparkly and know a thing or two about choosing the right ring, whether it be the setting, the colour or the price, we can give you expert advice. We’ll even pop along to the shop with you just to give you peace of mind that you’re choosing the right ring. After all, this ring will last forever so you need to make sure you’ve invested properly. We can also help negotiate for the best price and we have written an engagement ring guide so please contact us if you would like to know more.

6. And finally checkout our dos & don’ts page for proposal advice.

We are extremely proud to have a 100% proposal success rate

Love Daisy

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