How to propose to: A career girl

12th November '13
How to propose to a career woman....

How to propose to a career woman….

Despite what many traditional men may think, not all women are just waiting around for their knight in shining armour to rescue them from the clutches of single life. Some of us have jobs and ambitions of our own.

It’ll take a special man – and proposal – to slow down a career woman and get her to stop long enough for those four magic words: will you marry me? (When you do get married – check out these guys

Instead of tapping into her emotions you’ll have to come up with a much more strategic and logical way to show you want to spend the rest of your life with her (with a hint of romance, of course!)
But don’t fret The Proposers are here to help. If you’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for a driven workaholic then here’s some proposal ideas for you:

THE ONLINE TREASURE HUNT PROPOSAL If your girlfriend’s glued to her desk and laptop 20 hours a day then here’s a way to take her on an exciting treasure hunt full of fun and romance without even making her leave the comfort of her leather swivel chair: an online treasure hunt. Email through her first clue, a line from your favourite song, for example, Everything I do, I do it for you. When she types the next line into the search engine (as instructed), she will be taken to a special website where she watches a slideshow of pictures of the two of you. Set up some questions about your relationship based on the photos (be sure not to catch her out as you want her to make it to the end of the treasure hunt!) and, when she answers correctly, she’s directed to an online video featuring all her friends and family with you centre stage all calling out in sync to ask the all-important question. This is where you burst into her office, drop to one knee and make her your fiancé

THE POST IT PROPOSAL If technology isn’t her strong point then take it back to the romantic days of love letters. Start out by putting little notes in her lunchbox, such as, you’re as sweet as sugar, and then sneak into her paperwork (check with her secretary or boss first you don’t want to get her in trouble!) and leave love hearts on the pages. Finally, raid the post-it notes and plaster the office wall with a simple question: will you marry me?

THE CAFFEINE HIT PROPOSAL If she’s up all night working and relies on her caffeine hit to get through the day then a simple but sweet idea would be to have a special coffee cup made with Will you marry me? printed on it and have it delivered to her desk just before she arrives in the morning or evening!


THE FAKE WORK MEETING PROPOSAL Fancy going for the element of surprise? Team up with your girlfriends boss or secretary to slip a series of romantic dates and a special proposal into her packed work schedule by setting up fake work events. Surprise her at a work lunch at a posh restaurant, turn up at the networking evening and whisk her off to a chic cocktail bar and finally make an appearance at the big important meeting of the year with a romantic picnic proposal in the boardroom.

If you want to pop the question to your career-driven girlfriend then The Proposers can help. We create bespoke tailor-made proposals for all our clients so get in touch to plan the perfect proposal.

By Amy De-Keyzer (The Proposers Junior Blogger)

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