How to Propose to a Movie Lover

20th August '15

Everyone has a favourite film, but have you ever considered proposing to your partner with it?

No, we don’t mean putting it on TV and then proposing… we mean actually theming your proposal around it! If you’re in love with a film buff, then this is an amazing way to show how much you care, and sweep them off their feet.

One particularly amazing way of incorporating your partner’s favourite film into popping the question is staging one of the most romantic scenes! This is sure to be the perfect setting for such as amazing event.

The Proposers Chapel Proposal - UNIT ©Chris Lobina

For example, we organised a Love Actually themed proposal, which involved a whole day of treats for the lucky bride-to-be culminating in a recreation of the iconic wedding scene in the film! With a similar venue, props (and an amazing proposal planner of course!), you can recreate an incredible scene like this to propose.

It’s not just about recreating one particularly romantic scene however, why not have the whole day leading up to the event full of activities related to the movie?

You could also have props related to the film that are personalised to you and your partner, which they will enjoy in awe just before they are blown away by the big reveal of the whole day…. you popping the question!


We organised a proposal in which we did exactly this for Robert who wanted to propose to his girlfriend who loves the classic rom com Notting Hill! They visited some of the most iconic locations from the film- including the secret garden where Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts sneak in!

He then led her to a secret room filled with props from Notting Hill, such as travel books (Hugh Grant’s character worked in a travel book shop, remember!) about places they wanted to visit together, Portobello Road street signs, and even a personalised movie poster with their names and faces on it!


But then again, who could forget Disney? Everyone loves a Disney movie, and there’s nothing cuter or more romantic than a Disney-themed proposal! This is such a lovely way to propose, and we went a step further when asked to arrange Disney proposals and incorporated the next cutest thing on earth…dogs!!

For one proposal, we made our own mermaid costume for a cute little dog and made an adorable collar telling the bride-to-be that her boyfriend had something to ask her… when he went over to ask her to marry him, she of course said a huge YES!


We also arranged for lots of little dogs to be dressed as Disney characters for another proposal which was just so adorable! Each actor walking the dogs stopped by the couple, and after Prince Charming’s arrival, he popped the question.. aaaawww.

If you would like to have your own movie themed proposal and have been inspired by this post, get in touch with us at We’ve organised over 600 proposals around the world and we have a 100% She Said Yes! Success rate, so you’re in safe hands with us!





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