How to propose to a…. Shoe Addict

26th November '13

How do you propose to a Shoe Addict? This girl already has one love in her life – Shoes. And getting her attention will be no mean feat. But when you love someone enough, you pull out all the stops to get this style queen up the aisle. Your proposal will need to be something pretty magnanimous especially when you are competing with your girlfriends favourite fabrics that adorn her body.

The perfect way to propose to a fashion addict?

The perfect way to propose to a fashion addict?

So what better way to propose to your girlfriend than actually getting her into her favourite stores. Not only does she get to browse the latest trends, or better still, shop the latest trends, but by the end of trawling the shops; her loving boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage.

The Shoe Lovers Proposal....

The Shoe Lovers Proposal….

But this is no ordinary browse of the shops or marriage proposal. Her friends tell her that to land a special gift from one of her favourite shops, she must follow the clues that each shop provides. A bit like a treasure hunt. The clues are all fashion related and lead her around the shops. Her footsies may be tired from the treasure hunt but it’s all in the aim of finding the jewels! So the final clue will lead this fashionista through rails of Prada clothes, Louboutin shoes and Mulberry handbags and eventually, to the diamond ring with the note Will you marry me? Oh, and she gets to keep the Mulberry! A double bonus!

If your partner is a complete shoe addict and you know she would love a shoe themed proposal then get in touch with The Proposers. We can help you come up with a proposal idea fit for a shoe addict…. (And hey, we don’t mind browsing shoe shops for you either!) 😉


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