How to propose animal lover

Published on 27th February '14
How to propose animal lover

Did you see our Disney Dogs episode last night on TV?

Would you like some more animal related ideas?

Well here's Five.

Perfect pet: Have the two of you been thinking of getting a pet to complete your family? If you're both serious about taking on the responsibility and commitment of an animal, then perhaps this could make for the perfect proposal. Bring home that cute little critter with a big bow around its neck, and a diamond ring attached to the collar. That's sure to bring a tear to her eye and a beaming smile to her face. Adorable Adorable Wild at heart: You may have always dreamed of exploring the jungles or taking on a safari but the budget-busting trip may have always been out of reach. So why not bring a bit of the wild to you for that memorable proposal. Pick a special spot perhaps a secluded woodland setting or her favourite corner of the park and transform it into a jungle dream or safari scene with beautiful exotic flowers and creative props including those all-important wild animals! Set up a campfire and romantic picnic for two before sending a safari guide to collect your girl and whisk her to your special rendezvous point in a jungle jeep. Then, well, you can guess the next bit jungle Lovebirds: Birds are special because many mate forever. And lovebirds have become an international symbol of true love. So why not create a magical proposal by decorating a beautiful conservatory or greenhouse with flowers and plants to create a tropical woodland? Then, in pride of place, present an ornate birdcage with two lovebirds inside swinging on a heart-shaped perch with Will you marry me?bunting above. Follow the paw prints: If your fiancé-to-be has a beloved pet then why not involve them in the proposal. Leave a trail of paw prints from her home leading to your spot with each paw print containing a special note or promise, such as I promise I'll always get up early to walk the dog or I need you like a horse needs grass. Or pick a waterside location and mark the way with a pathway of little paw prints in the sand with messages alongside. When she arrives to join you, and her special friend, drop to one knee to ask the all-important question with an animal-themed speech of course! paw Racecourse romance: Team up with a local racecourse for a proposal that'll make hearts flutter. You'll have to get a racehorse owner on board too and have one of the runners kitted out in a special personalised exercise rug reading: Laura, will you marry me? As the racehorse circles in the ring before the race begins and the commentator announces his entrance, drop to one knee for a memorable proposal. If you want to plan a memorable and unique proposal then you know who to call - The Proposers - we're up to the challenge 0203 539 0143. Image source: Pinterest