How to propose with a fun and fabulous flash mob

28th July '14

Fancy going all-out and planning an outlandish and over-the-top flash mob proposal for your fiance-to-be? Then we’ve got some super advice and pointers for you!

tulle tales

Be organised: Start planning early and if possible bring in the professionals! If you want the ultimate flash mob fit for the stage, then you can’t throw it all together in a few days. And you’ll have to accept some help.

Keep it simple: Don’t try to involve too many ideas or too many people. Choose your idea or theme and a group of singers/dancers to bring it all to life but don’t keep adding extras.

Music to my ears: Music is the key. You need something upbeat and meaningful but try to avoid the clichs, such as Bruno Mars’ Marry Me, which is the soundtrack to the majority of youtube proposal videos. Think of a song that will fit your proposal and your relationship.

Perfect setting: Location is very important to the overall vibe of the flash mob. Does it need to be a busy, public setting or a quiet, private setting? The location can influence the entire flash mob, or the theme could decide the location.

Practice makes perfect: Make sure you have plenty of time to practice and find a secret spot to get together where your fiance-to-be won’t stumble in accidentally! Get all your ideas together and then have as many rehearsals as possible before a full run-through on location.

Snap happy: If you’re pulling out all the stops for an elaborate flash mob then you should really go that extra mile to hire a photographer and/or videographer to capture the moment.

Once in a lifetime: And finally, enjoy it. This is one of the most special moments in your life so, despite the nerves, embrace the day and enjoy it!

If you’re looking for some flash mob inspiration then contact The Proposers. We are bursting with fun and creative proposal ideas.

Image source – Tulle tales.

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