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How to propose properly: Part two

2nd September '12

Hire someone to plan my proposal? Oh but it’s not as simple as that.

Wanna bet?

We’re sure you’ve got doubts (hey, no man likes someone else taking complete control!) but here’s where we scupper them:

  1. You do have to do SOME work yourself

Planning your proposal through us doesn’t mean you get to kick back and relax. Hell, we’re not just going to let you get away with murder. We want to know all about the love of your life – her likes, dislikes, fave times everything! Which is why, when it comes to creating the perfect proposal for the two of you, it will be something that you have helped create. Let’s just say we are here to be your ‘little helpers’ – we’ll give you a nudge when you need a push and deal with all the boring bits like booking restaurants, making decorations and taking photos.

  1. We can act like CIA agents if you want. We like challenging Jack Bauer

If you’re worried about your girlfriend finding out about us (or the fact you used  a proposal planner) then stop now.. Zzzzzzip! Our mouths are sealed. If you’d rather just bask in the glory of a genius proposal then that’s fine by us. No one has to know that we even exist (unless you win the lottery and then we wouldn’t turn down a Mercedes or a trip to the Maldives).

Hmm yes please!

So what we’re saying is, we know you’re busy and we know you want to give your girlfriend the proposal of her dreams so we’re to here to give advice every step of the way.

For more information please contact The Proposers.

Love Daisy

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